BREAKING: Tinubu To Relocate To Defense House Ahead Of Swearing-In

By Edith Elekute

Before the swearing-in event, the campaign team of Nigeria’s incoming president, Bola Tinubu, has announced that he will transfer to a military base in Abuja.

The tweet stated, “The president-elect will be relocating into Defence House, in Maitama, FCT, where he will spend the next few months, and from where he will move into the Presidential Villa.

When Mr. Tinubu will relocate to the facility is not stated in the statement.

An area newspaper indicates that the president-elect will attend briefings and significant meetings there.

Prior to being sworn in in May 2015, outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari had also moved into the building, the report claims.

The winning candidate in the presidential election was Mr. Tinubu of the ruling APC party, who received 37% of the vote.

The result will be contested in court, according to the opposition parties. The highest appellate court in Nigeria must hear their case within 21 days of the results being released.

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