“Insecurity In Nigeria Is Due To 1975 Coup”__Lai Mohammed

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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has blamed the current security challenges in Nigeria on the 1975 coup d’état which overthrew Yakubu Gowon and brought Murtala Muhammed to power.

He stated this earlier today as he narrated how the Gowon government was planning to ensure free and compulsory primary education for children of school age.

Lai Mohammed who claimed that failure to execute the plan is responsible for Nigeria’s large number of out-of-school children, added that insecurity in Nigeria has been heightened by the militant and insurgent groups having a ready army to recruit from the country’s 13.2 million out-of-school children.

He said;

“The fact is that in 1973, we were informed by the lead discussant and that the government of the day then had a retreat and said there must be a national pledge that what is that thing that we must do to ensure that we did not go through another civil war.

“The government of that day came out with a decision that what will prevent another civil war is to ensure that anybody born after January 1970 has free and compulsory primary education,” Mohammed said.

“Regrettably that administration was overthrown two years later and all the lofty ideas and all the preparations that were needed to ensure that every child of school age acquired free and compulsory education were jettisoned.

“And we are paying the price today because if you have 13.2 million children of school-age out of school that is the market which Boko Haram, bandits, IPOB and other militants, that is the market where they recruit people.”

The Minister also said it was resolved at the meeting that all three levels of government “must ensure that we go back to that and ensure at least free primary education for the first nine years for each child”.

Source: Akahi News

3 Comments on ““Insecurity In Nigeria Is Due To 1975 Coup”__Lai Mohammed”

  1. Oga Lai this issue is beyond politics game, for your mind you are trying to blame Gowon because he blamed your father for Nigerian situation you should better look for a solution for Nigerian situation and stop using human lives to play politics

  2. Oga lie lie, point of correction. There is no IPOB member who doesn’t have basic education, at least up to SS3. Many of us are master degree holders and professors.
    Comparing us with your terrorist groups is an insult.
    You didn’t even mention your Fulani herdsmen. The schools Jonathan built for you in the North what happened to them? What efforts have you and your government made to send children back to school? This your stupid blaming game will never stop. You will soon blame Noah and Adam.
    You are blaming the wrong people and you are leaving Lord Lugard out this whole mess. He is the one to blame. Nigeria never existed and can never exist. Lugard forced this upon us.

    1. Liar liar is confused,not knowing further way out, they better quit,and ask for apology to nija for evil they Buharis HAS done to her CITIZENS. and the nation
      Rem.NIJA can never be one AGAIN

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