Gbaramatu Youth Council Tackles IYC National Secretary Frank Pukon Over Statement On Amadino Kidnap, Deaths

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The Gbaramatu Youth Development Association AKA Gbaramatu Youth Council, GYC, in a press release dated Sunday, 25 April 2021, has criticised the General Secretary of the Ijaw Youth Council, Comr. Frank Pukon, over his earlier comments on the Amadino kidnap saga which it said “shows his lack of capacity” and his “usurping the office of the spokesman in order to gain cheap popularity.”

The press release signed by the GYC President, Comr. Shadrach Onitsha Ebikeme, among others, called on the “National President of IYC, Comrade (DCN) Peter Timothy Igbifa to call Frank Pukon to order” as well as “enjoin Comr Frank Pukon to stay clear from whatever issue that concerns Gbaramatu Kingdom and its people” as he has failed to do the needful over current happenings in his zone.

The press release reads as follows:


1. Our attention has been drawn to an online publication made by Comrade Frank Pukon dated April 21, 2021 titled “IYC’s scribe deeply saddened by the deaths in Amadino”. Ordinarily, unguided utterances worse than this have since greeted the media at the instance of the said ugly incident which we are going to respond to in due course, we pick on this particular double standard publication from Comr Frank Pukon due to the office he hold in Ijaw Nation and for the blackmail it endears on the foremost socio-cultural youth body—IYC.

2. For the purpose of clarity, Comrade Frank is the General Secretary of IYC Worldwide and not the Secretary-General of IYC Worldwide as he ignorantly addresses himself. The IYC has its number one man which happens to be the President of Council that doubles as the Secretary-General of the IYC due to his office. Hence, Comrade Frank Pukon is arrogating so much power to himself, with a deliberate effort to usurp the power of the President and the Spokesman of Council respectively.

3. The general public should be aware that since the issue of oil spillage occurred in Gbaramatu territorial waters and the attendant agitations by the Gbaramatu people till date, the so called scribe of IYC in whose zone all these things are happening have not reached out to the Gbaramatu people nor its IYC clan executive to ascertain the underlying critical issues. While those who are not aware of this prevailing fact would be quick to accolade Comr Frank Pukon for calling for peace, deep minded people who are aware of the happenings will question the premise for such comments.

4. What does Ijaw people partnership with the Itsekiris got to do with the kidnapping case in Amadino? Or his Comr Frank Pukon subtly alluding to the accusation making round the internet from the Itsekiris that it was Gbaramatu people that attacked Amadino Community? What is Frank Pukon making effort to allege when he said “I sympathise with the people of Amadino and urge all players to imbibe tolerance, and unity for the purpose of peace and prosperous future”. Is he trying to subtly tell us that he has identified the ‘intolerant’ persons that spearheaded the kidnapping case at Amadino? These and many more questions are begging for answers.

5. We believe that Comr Frank Pukon’s statement shows his lack of capacity as Secretary of Council as he is too narrow minded a person to serve in such lofty office in the IYC that is saddled with responsibilities to protect Ijaw people anywhere anytime. More so, Frank Pukon should stop usurping the office of the spokesman in order to gain cheap popularity as the IYC National do not need such indiscipline characters who cannot maintain working within their constitutional boundaries which is in part causing the endless conflicts in the IYC.

6. Against the above backdrop, we appeal to the conscience of the National President of IYC, Comrade (DCN) Peter Timothy Igbifa to call Frank Pukon to order. Frank Pukon should be reminded that as Secretary of Council, if he has been busy with his constitutional mandate of his office, spearheading strategic research agenda that could assist in tackling the issues of insecurity in the Niger Delta as a result of Fulani invaders; if Pukon is busy raising well researched memos that could support the dreams and aspiration of the IYC just as anticipated by Ijaw people who in their magnanimity gave him their votes at the elective convention of Oporoza 2020, he will be so preoccupied to the extent that he will have no such time to make reckless statements in public domain, arrogating such to himself while usurping the powers of the President and Spokesman of Council.

7. In conclusion, we enjoin Comr Frank Pukon to stay clear from whatever issue that concerns Gbaramatu Kingdom and its people as the level of hatred he is displaying towards us is something that could make him get the attention he seeks.

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