Tension As Gbaramatu Kingdom IYC Structure Charges Chevron To Take Full Responsibility Of Oil Spill From It’s Facilities In The Kingdom Or Face The Wrath Of The Youths

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As the Chevron Nigeria Limited continues to deny allegations of oil spill from it’s facilities in Otunana flowstation in Kokodiagbene and Abiteye flowstation in Benikrukru communities respectively. Which are both situated in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

The foremost Ijaw Youths Body IYC in the kingdom, has called on Chevron to without further delay, take full responsibility of the oil spill from it’s facilities. Which has rendered the waterways and lands of the affected communities polluted.

The IYC Gbaramatu Kingdom Structure made the call through it’s Chairman Comrade Peter Pudie, who is from the oil-rich Benikrukru Community. Who addressed newsmen in the early hours of today Sunday the 28th, March, 2021. Haven taken a personal tour round the various sites of the incident. Informed the press that, the story of the said oil spill is indeed true. Stating he has personally visited the sites of the spill, in order to get a first hand information on the situation.

Comrade Pudie hinted newsmen that, the level of damage done by the spill is so massive that the livelihood of the people of both the host communities and other surrounding communities has been entirely destroyed. Leaving the people of the communities who are mainly fishermen and women with no other mince of survival.

The IYC Chairman Comrade Peter in the course of the address, expressed his disappointment at Chevron Nigeria Limited which is the major international oil company operating in the Kingdom. For denying and trying to shy away from the reality of the spill.

Comrade Pudie in his displeasure, advised CNL to without further delay, take full responsibility of the spill. And set adequate modalities in order to curb the situation.

Going forward, the Chairman Peter Pudie warned that, any further denial of the spill by Chevron, will not only intensify the tension in the atmosphere, but will as well be considered as a deliberate action by Chevron to destroy the only mince of survival of the people of Gbaramatu. And will be met with stiff resistance.

In His Words:

“I Comrade Peter Pudie, the Chairman Ijaw Youth Council Gbaramatu Kingdom Structure, on behalf of the body, wish to use this medium to emphatically state that, the oil spill witnessed in Otunana flowstation in Kokodiagbene and Abiteye flowstation in Benikrukru Communities in Gbaramatu Kingdom is indeed true”.

“It is very sad that Chevron Nigeria Limited which runs a major oil operations in the Kingdom. Had to deny the occurrence of the spill, following the massive outcry from the affected communities.

Thereby stating that “there is no oil spill emanating from any of it’s facilities in the Kingdom”.

“I want to state that the IYC Gbaramatu Kingdom Structure ably led by my humble self, took a deliberate tour round the exact sites of the spill. As well as visiting every affected community in the Kingdom, in order to know the state of things for myself. And it was sad discovering the level of spill, which has almost destroyed the entire waterways and landmass of each of the affected communities”.

“I want to note that, this unfortunate oil spill has rendered the people of the host communities as well as other impacted communities with no hope or source of livelihood. As their only mince of survival has been destroyed. Leaving them in the hands of hunger and starvation”.

“It is on this note, we the IYC Gbaramatu Kingdom Structure, are calling on Chevron Nigeria Limited to henceforth, do away with it’s undue denials of the occurrence of the spill. And take full responsibility of the situation, by proffering workable solutions to curb the damages caused by the spill. As well as providing adequate compensations to every affected community in the Kingdom”.

“We are charging the management of CNL to treat this call with all honesty. As any attempt to ignored or disregard it will be met with stiff resistance from us”.

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