BREAKING: Newly Appointed EFCC Chairman Bawa Exposed In Corruption Cases

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A few minutes ago, news broke out that President Muhammadu Buhari had named Abdulrasheed Bawa, a top EFCC official, as the new chairman of the anti-graft agency after the suspension of Ibrahim Magu, the former acting chairman, last year.

His name was sent to the Senate for confirmation to lead the EFCC, but then a PEOPLE’S GAZZETTE publication revealed how the newly named President was arrested and detained in 2020 for some corruption cases.

“According to the publication, Mr. Bawa was in charge of the Port-Harcourt Zonal Office last year when, at “ridiculous prices,” sources said, hundreds of petrol-bearing trucks seized from alleged looters were unexpectedly auctioned off to his proxies.

Three of his junior colleagues who were alarmed by Mr. Bawa’s sheer mismanagement of priced public properties and other suspicious activities took urgent measures to curb his excesses by sending anonymous complaints to the Abuja headquarters.

Subsequently, he was arrested and held in Port-Harcourt for several days until Ibrahim Magu, the former head of the agency, ordered his transfer to the training school of the agency in Abuja pending the completion of the investigation.

For this article, five anti-graft officials who talked to the Gazette preferred to remain anonymous, citing their active involvement status and a lack of authority to talk to journalists on a matter that was still under investigation. In line with its policy on confidential sources, the Gazette decided not to name them.

‘Re-looted Loot’ Mr. Bawa was charged with selling to his proxies at least 244 trucks worth between N20-30 million each at N100,000, or slightly more, per vehicle. A proxy sold one of the tankers for N14.8 million to a businessman in Ibadan, officials said, lamenting that the businessman had evaded the invitation and the agency was hesitant to declare him wanted in order not to attract public attention to the inquiry.


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