Delta State University VC Accused Of Promotion Scandal, Jeopardizing Of Academic Standards

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Again, Delta State University Vice Chancellor Prof. Andy Egwunyenga has been critivized for alleged academic dishonesty and severally accused of jeopadising the sacred academic institution of Delta State Varsity, saying that Prof. Andy had fallen-off-the-track of being a custodian of academic values and good ambassador of Professorship.

It would be recalled that in late December, 2020 we published a story, captioned, “DELSU IS AT IT AGAIN FOR THE UGLY COURSE”,narrating how Delta State varsity had been brought to disripute by inglorious desires of professor Andy.

It was noteworthy that in early November, 2020, the online investigative reporter, the SAHARA REPORTERS, first reported of a clandestine move to use one crooked report by Professor Igbigbi, Professor John Igwe and Professor Akpotor three man‘s committee to free some members’ of their cohort/ cabal, the FORUM. These persons were involved in academic dishonesty AND OTHERS HAD FAILED APPRAISAL, some four to six years ago.

Meantimes, our followed up investigation as watchdog of our institutions of higher learning and their practices and dealings revealed that the SAHARA REPORTER was true. In our second report, we also revealed the underground plan to promote others such as one Dr. Demaki who already had failed promotion having had two external negative reports, one Dr. Mordi who had issues and failed appraisal in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 to the rank of Associate Professor, Dr. Elo Ibagare of theater arts who failed appraisal since 2016 to date, to the rank of Associate Professor, Etemike with two plagiarized papers and Dr. Arunaye with three pairs of publications, that is six papers involved in academic dishonesty. He had ran to court to stop the University from inviting him to appear before the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee of Council and was subsequently placed on suspension.

It may amaze you to learn that all these men of questionable character and plagiarized papers had been recommended for promotion and promoted. In fact, one Dr. Ibagare even from the rank of Senior Lecture to a Full professor and back dated to 2016 when he himself applied for Associate Professor and failed faculty appraisal to the rank of Associate Professor that year.

Now the Vice Chancellor and COUNCIL at the last Council Meeting that held from 1-3rd December 2020 had given him double promotion for having failed too much. One thing that is clear from this irregular promotions is that the DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL is not worth calling a University Council. It is less than a Secondary School Board, those we interviewed argued.

In order to debunk the finding by the Professor Igbigbi’s three man committee findings and recommendations and to confirm the recklessness of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Comrade Andy Egwunyenga and “I don’t care attitude of the Council” , we for the interest of the University, the DELTA STATE GOVERNMENT and the good people of Delta State, began a serialization of the irregularities and rot going on in the university under the watch of Council, by publishing the two publications of the ETEMIKE who retired FIVE YEARS ago, requested to submit the plagiarized works , re-assessed, promoted, back dated and to being paid arrears. That of the six papers of Dr. Festus Arunaye of mathematics promoted to the rank of a questionable Professor, we stated then, would follow next. Truth can never die, it cannot be buried for too long. The making of professors must not be treated with triviality.We believe such publications and exposure of wrong doings may make the Council sit up, to be more responsible and alive to its duties and in checking matters coming from the VC and his management for approval.

Today, we are glad that we have got hold of Dr. Festus Arunaye’s papers and uploaded the first two of them here .YOU are therefore called upon to download/ print them. They are Article 4 of 2007 and Article 27 0f 2008 of his then submitted CV and compare both. With over 70% plagiarism, it is clear that the academic dishonesty established by the University Academic Integrity Committee was clear and authentic. Anything to the contrary was a frabication.

One intriguing and evil thing the VC did with impunity, nothing go happen attitude, is that if the six papers plagiarized were dropped off Dr. Festus Arunayi’s submitted publications, he would not meet the promotion criteria for Associate Professor, let alone full Professor. In fact, since those six plagiarized papers were part of what he submitted for his promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor, a serious academic minded and impartial VC and University Council ought to have investigated his case further and if found culpable should have stripped him of his Associate Professor/Reader and reverted him to his former actual status which is Senior Lecturer, if he had not plagiarized his papers to get to that rank.
The other four papers of the plagiarist Dr. Festus Arunaye’s now questionable Professor of mathematics, will be published in late February ,2021 when we get copies of the University Plagiarism report and hard copies of the evidence on Dr. Festus Arunayi which the VC is holding closely to his chest and compare with our independently used plagiarism software result.

We are aware that the VC who is a champion of manipulating mediocres to become professors is not resting on his oars. He has cooked positive report for Dr. Demaki to be made a Professor after deliberating claiming that one external positive of Dr. had been received and two others were being awaited and hurriedly and magically got one external positive and made him an Associate Professor. If Dr. Demaki’s recommendations go to the next Council meeting from this Week’s A&PC (Academic) without the proper scrutiny because of the usual carry-go attitude, we may be compelled to publish the earlier University reports showing he had earlier had two external negative reports which was deliberately jettisoned to help a friend. We are also aware that the promotion criterion watered down used for Dr. Demaki were quite different from those used to consider his colleagues in 2018. What a shame!

Professor Andy Egwunyenga being a Maradona of personally developing cheap or tinkering University Council approved standard guidelines for promotions including for promoting professors has carried the mediocre standards too far. He has graduated to hurriedly recommending to two Professors are still full time employees of the University as Emeriti Professors. First, the two are still full time salary earning lecturers of the university, although just retired. This goes against the norm for awarding Professor Emeritus status to a professor. Secondly, they do not meet the requirements to be appointed Professors Emeritus. He wants to make his friends and dash them Emeritus Professor status, there is no problem but must give time to Departments to consider the requirements a single professor who had an eye on that rank drew up and got Senate with low and local caliber of staff to approve over a decade ago. There should be no hurry. DELSU now has professors from diverse backgrounds and international exposure to consider and approve more robust guidelines for the appointment of Emeritus Professor. Please Mr. Comrade Professor, do not cheapen the rank of Professor Emeritus of the Delta State University because of lack of knowledge and exposure. You can be guided by the guidelines of Lagos State University, Lagos, University of Ibadan, Namdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Universities of Ghana or just go to the internet, print out many guidelines and the Senate will be able to work out its own guidelines taking into consideration the universal or common background principles or norms.

We only hope the VC has not forgotten so soon the heated controversy that almost tore LASU into pieces when the immediate outgone VC, Professor Olaruwanju Fagbohun SAN, tried hard and desperately in late 2020 to make his former master, the well-known international scholar and former Executive Secretary, NUC, Professor Peter Okebukola, Professor Emeritus when he was still on full time employment in Lagos State University, Lagos. The sensation and potential negative fallout made it impossible to push through. He wisely did not push it further.

We do not want to wash our dirty lining outside. However, we will elaborate later on why these professors are uniquely unqualified for the appointment to the rank of Professor Emeritus, at least for now. Please note, Mr. Vice Chancellor, give free hands to Departments to nominate and recommend through the Faculty who is qualified to be appointed for the Professor Emeritus, and not the VC pushing his bias interest through the throats of clueless professor who are HODS, Deans and in Senate. Note the concept of consensus, integrity of the Professor can best be determined in the Department that he belonged before retirement and must not be doing no more paid job in the department – sabbatical or adjunct.

Please you can now download/print the hardcore of Dr. Arunaye’s two highly plagiarized papers and you be the judge of the level of similarities in both so-called articles. Please Note; Coloured and numeral sections 1 to 16 in Article 4 is same word-for-word in coloured and numeral sections 1 to 16 in Article 27.

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