Onduku Blasts Fred Latimore, Defends Chief Mulade, Says Okowa Was Bias In Schools Upgrade Project

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An ljaw youth leader and the President Concerned Citizens For Izon-Ebe Development (CCFID), Comrade Oyinbi Onduku has proved Mr. Fred Latimore wrong on his unguided statements by calling an ljaw revered chief, who is a renowned global philanthropist cum peace advocate, Comrade (Chief). Sheriff Mulade goofed on his recent call on the Delta state government to as well upgrade Burutu School of Marine Technology, Warri College of Education as well as Esenabe college Bomadi among Anwai, Agbor and Ozoro campuses he recently approved for upgrade in order to be fair and just to all ethnic groups in the state.

Onduku in a Press Statement released on Thursday at Warri, expressed displeasure over Latimore usage of poor choice of language against the ljaw respected peace advocate who had made so much impact and contributed meaningfully to the Okowa led administration in terms of peace building, education development, security and youth leadership capacity building across the state.

The ljaw youth leader lambasted Latimore as myopic and bereaved of what to say by tagging an appealed Mulade made as goofed as very unfortunate and need to be cautioned by every well meaning individual in the society. He advice Latimore to go back and read to understand the content of Mulade message to Gov. Okowa and do the needful by rendering public apology over his unguided utterances against the ljaw leader.

According to Onduku, said: ” l don’t have time to drag issues with Latimore on the pages of newspaper, but l want him to be mature in dealing with matters of public interest. If Gov. Okowa can upgrade two institutions to university standard from one senatorial district in Delta North, what stops him from doing the same in Delta South? Gov. Okowa should know that what is good for A is also good for B. He should be fair and just to all Deltans. Mulade drawing Delta state government attention on the need to upgrade Burutu School of Marine Technology to University of Fisheries, College of Education Warri to university of peace and conflict studies among others is not out of place.

If more schools may be upgraded in the future as Latimore alleged, why can’t you air your view politely and commend Mulade for drawing Gov. Okowa attention to the needs of riverine dwellers instead you prefer to make mockery of yourself before the public. Is Latmore the only appointee of Gov. Okowa who always derives pleasure in making unguided statements against anybody that speak the truth to the present administration?

In addition, were was Latimore when Mulade built the neglected government secondary school, Kokodiagbene to a modern boarding school and handed it over to Gov. Okowa led Delta state government?

Is Latimore not aware of the annual ljaw/Itsekiri peace and unity football tournament cup been sponsored by Mulade in order to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among the two tribes in the state? What of the Mulade Quiz and Essay competition been organized annually in government secondary schools across the state?

The recent one was the Office of intelligence Department Mulade built for the Nigerian Police Force at Warri Area Command, that attracted the new Delta CP to applaud him for his wonderful works towards a better society”.

“If l may ask, what has Latimore done to affect lives meaningfully in the state? Can he just come up with one thing he had done for his people? I advice Latimore to always make his findings before coming to the public to defend his boss in making such unguided statements. I urged Latimore to render unreserved public apology to Chief. Mulade because he (Latimore) was the one that really goofed, Onduku asserted”.

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