Delta 2021: Jackson Timiyan Breaks Silence Over Call To Contest LGA Chairmanship, Pledges Loyalty To PDP Amidst Displeasures With Party

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A Niger Delta and Ijaw Born Youths Activist cum Community Development Expert, Comrade aJackson Timiyan. Has on Friday the 22nd January 2021. Responded via a press statement to a call made by his supporters, calling on him to contest the Warri South West Local Government Council Chairmanship election, come March 2021.

The Activist gave his response to the clarion call made by a group known as “Concerned Warri South West Youths” ( CWSWY ). Who via a press release on Monday the 18th January, 2021. Called on him to avail himself in contesting for the forthcoming Local Government Elections in the state, pledging their full support for him.

Comrade Timiyan on his part, responded to the call by expressing his profound gratitude to the group and many others, who believes in him and his leadership capabilities.

However, Timiyan stated that, being a faithful of the Peoples Democratic Party, despite the numerous displeasures he holds against the Party. He will continue to follow the already laid down structure of the party, as it relates to elections both in the Local Government and in the State.

In his words:

“My dear esteemed Supporters and followers in Warri South West Local Government Area. I am indeed overwhelmed with your outrageous display of love and Solidarity for my person.

I am so humbled and delighted for the overwhelming confidence you reposed on me for quality service delivery at the grassroots level. No doubt, It is instructive to state that the very essence of Local Government as a third Tier of Government. Is premised on the grand norm of bringing governance closer to the People at the grassroots.

But this practically becomes a mirage when it is besiege with poor and inept leadership, with no evidential proof of development buttressing the proximity of this Tier of government to the People.

It is against this backdrop, I firmly believe you the “Concerned Warri South West Youths” have made your Clarion call on me to contest the Chairmanship seat in our dear Oil-rich Local Government Council, under the platform of any Political Party of my choice.

Indeed, I have no doubt in my capabilities in rendering a quality and credible leadership at that level of government as you have rightly opined in your clarion call. And I am pleased to inform you that since your Press release barely 5 days ago, several Political Parties have started wooing me right now for the Ticket.

But however, I am a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) faithful. Although on a very frank note, the Party has not been fair to me and several others that worked faithfully for the Party. Amidst that, I AM NOT READY TO SHIFT GROUND NOW, NOT BECAUSE I AM HAPPY WITH THE SCHEME Of THINGS. BUT FOR THE SOLE INTEREST OF OUR GREAT PARTY THE PDP. And also regarding our power rotation plan in the LGA. As well as the 2023 general elections coming up in the State.

So my dear esteemed supporters and followers across the L.G.A, you have no doubt demonstrated an uncommon love and Solidarity for me and I’m humbled by it. I sincerely plead with you not to be disappointed with me on this my resort.

I know you did what you did because you believe in me. Therefore, i implore you vehemently to continue to uphold same believe and unflinching support you have for me, FOR TOGETHER WE SHALL WIN SOMEDAY”.


Comrade Jackson Timiyan.

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