One of South South’s Fastest growing music icon, Aaron Henry. Popularly known by his stage name “Issuez“. Has on Monday the 28th, December 2020. Dropped his hit single, which is making wave in the music space currently.

The single which was dropped at the early hours of today, is already making tremendous wave in the internet. As it has less than 24hours of it’s release, taken over major Online Platforms. With a huge trend of streams.

The Song which the Artist deemed fit to drop at this point. Is aimed at entertaining his teeming Fans and Supporters, even as the year 2020 comes to an end.

Mr. Issuez who has over the years, ventured into the music industry. Is currently making headlines, and has risen to the spotlight. With his most entertaining and morally equipped songs.

The Rap Artist, while in a chat with correspondent of Coastal Times Media. Explained how he intends to consistently drop hit songs. In order to keep his fast rising stream of Fans occupied with good music.

When asked what motivates him. The Music Star stated that, being a young man who loves music. He believes that God has given him this gift, as a way of educating and entertaining people.

He further pointed out that, his kind of music is basically to educate and entertain his audience. With a great deal of morals inherent in it.

The South South Music Icon also highlighted that, his passion and zeal for good music cannot be overemphasized. As he personally finds pleasure in dropping hit songs that will be streamed across the length and breath of the World.

The Artist also talked about his desire to get to the top of the music ladder. With the intent of becoming not just a star in Nigeria, but a super star that will be celebrated all across the Globe. Just like WizKid, Davido, Burna Boy, Timaya and the rest.

Also, when asked what distinguishes him and his kind of music from others. Mr. Issuez asserted that, the difference between him and other Artist. Is as a result of the level of hardwork, dedication and seriousness he invests in his music. Therefore stated that he will continue to do everything he possibly can, to get to the top of the music ladder, which he is aiming at.

Mr. Issuez however, expressed his earnest desire to get to the top in the music industry, which he believes can only be achieved through seriousness, hardwork and dedication.

In the course of the chat, the Talented Rap Artist, as well made known his source of inspiration. Which he says is firstly from God, and then from his personal life experiences.

The Music Star appreciated his fast growing stream of Fans and Supporters. Whose consistent support and encouragement has given him the synergy to drive farther in his music career.

The Artist as well, extended his profound gratitude to God Almighty, who has blessed him with such a wonderful gift that money cannot buy.

Conclusively, Mr. Issuez promised that, he will from time to time, drop good songs that will entertain, motivate and educate his listeners. As such, calls on his Fans and Supporters to continue to pray for him, even as he works harder to bring to pass his dream of becoming a World Class Music Artist.

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