Trouble Looms As Delta VC Likely To Face Sack

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ASABA_________The Vice Chancellor of Delta State University, Professor EGWUYENGA may faced sack as more reports indicted him of compromising the Academic standard of the University by promoting friends who were indicted of plagiarism and other wrong doings.

Source closed to the vice Chancellor who pleaded anynormity said the governor of the state ,His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa was not happy about activities of the vice Chancellor, and he may be invited for questioning and possibly faced sack.

An investigative report obtained from Sahara reporters website showed that nepotism and corruption were the bane of improved academic standard in Delta State University, Abraka.

The vice Chancellor was alleged to be inexperienced, a man with no integrity and vision for improved academic standard in the school, according to the report.

It would be reecalled that in early November, 2020, the online investigative reporter, the SAHARA REPORTERS, reported of a clandestine moves to use one crooked report by Professor Igbigbi three man‘s committee to free some academic staff of plagiarism who were alleged friends of the Vice Chancellor.

These were academic staff that were involved in academic dishonesty and others who failed the appraisal test some four to six years ago. We followed up with our own investigative report.We observed that the Sahara Reporters report was true.

However, another report accredited to the Investigator online news outfit also revealed the underground plan to promote others such as one Dr. Demaki who already failed promotion test having two external negative reports, one Dr. Mordi who had issues and failed appraisal in 2015,2016,2017 and 2018 to the rank of Associate Professor in History and International Affairs, Dr. Elo Ibagare of theater arts who failed appraisal since 2016 to date to the rank of Associate Professor, Etemike who self -plagiarized two papers and DR. Arunaye with three pairs of publications, that is six papers involved in academic dishonesty and who ran to court to stop the University from trying him, and was suspended.

The recent Sahara report indicates that despite the indictments of these men of wrong doings which should had been accorded with severed punishments, they were promoted and one Dr. Ibagare even from the rank of Senior Lecture to a full Professor and back dated to 2016 when he even applied for Associate Professor in 2016 and failed faculty appraisal to the rank of Associate Professor that year.

It was shocken that now the Vice Chancellor and the varsity Council at the last Council Meeting that was held from 1-3rdDecember ,2020 had given Dr. Ibagare double promotion for haven failed too much. One thing that is clear from this irregular promotions are that the DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL could not been considered worth calling a University Council under the leadership of Prof.

The report, however confirmed the recklessness and I don’t care attitude of the Council members, the media had begins a serialization of the irregularities and rots going on in the only State university under the watch of the Council, by publishing the two publications of the ETEMIKE who retired FIVE YEARS ago, re-assessed, promoted, back dated and to be paid arrears.

However, for the interest of the University, the DELTA STATE GOVERNMENT and the good people of Delta State, the media would published the six plagiarised papers of Dr. Festus Arunaye of mathematics, promoted to the rank of a questionable Professorship in no distance time.” Truth can never die, it cannot be buried for too long. The making of professors must not be faked” Sahara reporters added.

It was believed that publishing such publications and exposure of wrong doings of the current vice Chancellor may make the University Council to sit up, to be more responsible and alive to its duties, in a view of proper checking of matters coming from the VC and his management for approval

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