One of the fastest growing Music Artists in Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta region, Johnson Sunday, with the stage name, ‘Jumbo Fizzy’. A native of Oporoza Town in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

Has recently dropped a New Album, Titled “2009 Story”. Which is currently blowing wide in the Music Space.

The Niger Delta Music Star, who spoke with a senior correspondent of Coastal Times. Expressed his unimaginable joy and gratitude to God, for the marvellous works of his hands, and for the release of his New Album ” 2009 Story”.

Jumbo Fizzy during the conversation, asserted that, the Album which is currently making waves in the Music Industry. Is indeed one of it’s kinds. As much hardwork and dedication was put into it.

The Music Star further stated that, his kind of music is truly a rare kind. As it sorts to tell real time stories, even as it serves the purpose of entertaining his listeners.

Jumbo Fizzy also, highlighted that, his zeal and passion for good music knows no bound. Because it was a gift implanted in him by God Almighty.

Speaking further, the fast growing Music Artist also announced his official deal with the Pinaza Records, that will be concluded in a short while.

Note; Pinaza Records is one of the most renowned Record Labels in Niger Delta.

Haven stated all the above, the Talented Music Star informed our correspondent while on the conversation that, he is determined to drop great songs from time to time. With the sole aim of constantly keeping his fast growing stream of Fans and the general public engaged with real time stories and entertainment.

When asked during the conversation, what inspires him?. Jumbo Fizzy replied that, firstly, his inspiration comes from God, who always gives him insight and motivation to do great songs. Secondly, he said, he also draws his inspiration from real time happenings around him. As such, uses his music as a means to express his worries and that of others.

Jumbo Fizzy therefore assured his Fans that, aside that which is given to him by God. He will continue to draw inspiration from happenings around him, as well as stories of others. In order to bring to the fore, real time issues bothering on people, for the information of the public.

Fizzy as well, promised to drop great songs that will be body and soul awakening, even as his career moves higher.

Fizzy in the course of the conversation, hinted that, his kind of music is mainly to tell a story, as it also entertains his listeners. Pointing out that, majority of the musics today, are all about entertainment. As such, do not reflect any atom of morality. Neither do they pass any reasonable message to the listeners.

Speaking further, Jumbo stated that, unlike the days of the great Nigerian Music Legend, Fella Anikulapo Kuti. Majority of the current trend of music today, do not make any sense. As they are jam-packed with lots of meaningless and unrealistic lyrics.

In conclusion, the young talented Artist stated that, as a growing music Artist. He is determined to always put in his best to do good music. So as to keep his fans and the general public informed and entertained at all times.

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