BURUTU LGA: Angry PDP Aspirants Calls For Cancellation Of Primaries, Accuses Chief Abadegbene, Agada, Boson, others Of Imposing Candidates On Wards

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WARRI________More trouble as a coalition of PDP councilorship aspirants in ward 6, 11 of Burutu LGA have accused Chief Chardwick Abadegbene, Arede Edeinmene alias Agada, Alhaji Bonson, others of handpicking and imposing their brothers and friends as purported councilorship candidates in the two wards mentioned.

In a press release obtained by our correspondent which was signed by the coalition of PDP councilorship aspirants in ward 6 and 11, Mr. Moses S Oruebi PAUL AKASSA, JIMOUH ALELE, KEMELAYEFA INGLAND, GOODLUCK AYANGO, MARKSON BIAZE and Mr Andrew Godwin called for the cancellation of what they described as kangaroo primaries in the two wards and that fresh primaries be conducted.

They added that the purported coordinating team imposed themselves as ward delegates and imposed their unpopular brothers and friends as councilorship candidates which was against the will of the people.

They argued that the imposed purported councilorship aspirants where former and a serving supervisory councilors from same voting units that had been producing councilors in the previous times.

They said seven of the failed power drunked politicians constituted themselves as delegates for the purported councilorship primaries, and that out of the seven delegates four were brothers and friends.

The aggrieved aspirants faulted the process as they accused Chief Abadegbene and his biological younger brother of imposing themselves as delegates for PDP kangaroo primaries.

Again, they equally accused Hon. Bonson of imposing himself and his brother as delegates in the ward’s Primaries.

They however called on His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Barr Kingsley Esisio to cancelled the purported councilorship primaries in ward 6, and 11 and ordered fresh primaries in the wards without further delay.

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