DELTA 2021: Protest Rocks PDP As Aspirants Demand Power Shift To Burutu North

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WARRI_________Protest has rocked the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Delta State as coalition of chairmanship aspirants in Burutu LGA demanded for power shift to Burutu North in the forthcoming council polls.

The coalition however called on the state PDP chairman Barr. Kingsley Esisio and His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa (PhD) to avoid being misled to scuttled the single term rotational arrangement in Burutu LGA in forthcoming LGA polls in the state.

The communique made available at press time was signed by Chief (Hon) Masah Godwin, Mr. Adidi Pereboye, Mr. Jude Angodideke and Comrade Enaibo Asiayei as aspirants of the party in Burutu LGA.

The agitating aspirants said the one term rotational arrangement in the LGA be upheld and that attempt to return the incumbent chairman which was from Burutu South was wrongly conceived as it was capable of disrupting the smooth running of the LGA polls in Burutu.

The PDP aspirants cited how the one term zoning arrangement had been prevailing since the creation of the LGA.

They added “history doesnot lies because it comes with facts and references, the followings are good example of our demand.
However, Chief J. D. Brisibe-Ojobo ( Burutu South One tenure )
Elder Godsday Orubebe-Tuomo-( Burutu South One tenure )
Engr. Adelabu Buku-Ekogbene- ( Burutu South One tenure )
Mrs Felicia Oronagha-Enekorogha-( Burutu North One tenure )
Dr.Braduce Angozi-Ayakoromo-( Burutu North One tenure )
Hon. Asupa Forteta-Egodor- ( Burutu North One tenure )
Hon. Frank Zuokumor-Ojobo- ( Burutu South One tenure )
Hon. Chief Ebikeme Clark-Kiagbodo-( Burutu North One tenure)
Hon. Godknows Angele-Torugbene-(Burutu South One tenure )”

“It is clear from the above that each constituency have had the council seat in three straight successions starting from Burutu South ( 1 ) and Burutu North also had it, in the same vein given a balance between the both constituencies and thereafter it became a rotational arrangement starting from Hon. Frank Ekioemi Zuokumor till date”

“Our dear people of Burutu L.G.A and members of the State Exco of PDP kindly note that if all of these past Council Chairmen could not do a second term as customary as a result of the North and South Power Rotational arrangement and why then do we want to breach/scuttle it to set Burutu ablaze because of parochial interest of one man and few conspirators?


They went further to state “it’s on record that no Chairman occupied the Council seat two times being the custom highlighted above”

The PDP aspirants argued that power rotational principle/arrangement in the LGA be sustained and respected.
“It is noteworthy that as it stands today there is an even balancing in the Rotational Arrangement concerning the assumption of the council seat as highlighted above”

They stressed that it was the turn of Burutu North to produced the next council chairman and that the incumbent chairman and other aspirants from Burutu South should honourably step-aside as it was in line with the zoning principle or with respect to the existing Power Rotational Agreement in the LGA.

They asserted “If the highly revered Ijaw national leader High Chief Barr. Sen. Dr. E.K Clark OFR., CON. did not use his position to scuttle the existing rotational principle as a genuine patriot haven been instrumental to the creation of Burutu L.G.A in 1976 and why will people not related to Burutu, who have not contributed anything meaningful to the Burutu people want to foist and impose someone on the Burutu people, to scuttle the rotational arrangement we’ve had over the years that even takes the grace of God to manage, let alone propagate and project this demonic and egotistical agenda of a selfish few , irresponsibly doctored and remoted from outside and wanting by their actions move Burutu into anarchy not even drawing lessons from the #EndSARS movement of late”

“The glutinous desperation of second term of some outgoing council chairmen had caused an eye saw that have brought the entire ALGON and His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State who has benevolently called them into service monumental embarrassment and breach of public peace and further disgrace to our dear state nationally and globally because man cannot control their urge for Power and want to play God, this and more is what second tenure desperation can birth”

The political agitators said the second term mantra of people who do not mean well for Burutu people should be killed before it consumed the peace enjoyed in the LGA.

They urged His Excellency Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa to used his good office to do the needful having midwifed and delivered two very huge National conventions of the PDP ( in birthing the Secondus National Working Committee of the PDP and producing Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as Presidential Candidate of the PDP in the past elections ) and winning several honours nationally and globally for that transparent management of the aforesaid conventions”

“His Excellency Okowa must not only be seen to practice what he’s done nationally but do same at home because Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa emergency as Governorship candidate of Delta State PDP is a product of Transparent and Power Rotational arrangement in the state, so that deceitful political leaders who are out to curry favour from him will not tarnish his image”

“We appeal to the Ijaw National Leader High Chief Dr E.K. Clark to call the perpetrators of this second term agenda and their co-travellers on this arsonist mission to order as to avoid a breach of peace in Burutu LGA and as well draw the Governor’s attention to it for sustainable peace”

“We also call on Elder Godsday Orubebe ( FMR Minister of Niger Delta Affairs ) to lend his voice as a man of God and honour to enforce and sustain the peace of Burutu by saying No to Second Term Conspiracy Theory of few leaders with no conscience”

“These conspirators within and outside Burutu L.G.A should be careful and let the peace and power rotational arrangement in the LGA remains and not to put Burutu L.G.A on a time bomb waiting to be detonated”

“We call on the Burutu L.GA people to be peaceful and law abiding while standing up against this deliberately orchestrated package to set Burutu L.G.A ablaze”

Finally, we advice these arsonists travellers not to delve into already settled issues of power rotation in Burutu L.G.A. because leaders of Burutu Federal Constituency as we know have been doing their best to keep the peace in the LGA over the years”.

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