Insensitivity Of The Government, The Major Cause Of Insecurity In Nigeria—Comr Gometi

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As the issue of insecurity lingers in the country, with Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen still terrorizing the Country. A Human Rights Activist, Comrade Crested Gometi. Who is the Chairman of Nigeria Youth Organization ( NYO ), Delta State Chapter. Has poured out his displeasure on the state of things in the country.

The Rights Activist Comrade Gometi, who spoke to a Senior Correspondent of Coastal Times, over the phone. Elucidated that, the reason why the issue of insecurity is still lingering in Nigeria, is as a result of the Insensitivity of the Government.

Comrade Crested expressed his disappointment in the Government of the Country. Stating that, unless deliberate efforts are made, and constructive decisions taken. The situation will always be there.

In His Words:

“The primary responsibility of the Government is to protect lives and properties of her citizens. No infrastructure and other developmental projects attract the right values without adequate functional security system in place.

Amongst other factors that forms the basis of good governance, security takes a larger part in every Nation. It’s however, unfortunate that our leaders seems to loose grip on the fundamentals of governance.

Security matters are best handled at the controllable stage, and can only be completely resolve when the root causes are addressed adequately.

It is my believe that Nigeria still have one of the best security architecture in Africa, if only we remove political distraction.

The issue of Boko Haram started like play some years back. And the Government did not see reasons to act when required, and the story today is unpleasant.

It is said that, ‘He who does not see need to prevent or fight fire during the smoke stage, may not be competent to fight the flame’.

There is need for us as a Nation to restructure the order of our priorities. As the current level of insecurity in the country has degenerated to the level the masses no more have confidence in the Government of the day.

If we fail to tell ourselves the basic truth and face reality now that it has not gone beyond control, then we are not prepared for solution.

The fundamental issues that need to be addressed. In order to automatically reduce the level of insecurity in the Country, includes the following:

  1. Cost of living: Nigerians are living in a very hard time where millions of people wake up from their bed daily, with no hope of a square meal. And it is also said that ”An Hungry Man Is An Angry Man”. Therefore, the Government should do everything possible to review the cost of living for the common man in the street. So that they do not end up being hazard to the general public.

  2. Our Educational System: The society is dynamic, as such, a system that survived us 100 years ago may fail us today. Our current curriculum needs a holistic review, in order to accommodate the present days demand. As the era of too many theories is past.

  3. Unemployment:

No body remains unemployed forever, as such, people tend to courteously or uncourteously design job for themselves, when opportunities are not available to key-in. This is because, human existence and idleness does not agree. Until we build a system that absolves the millions of Youths that graduate from our Universities, Polytechniques, Colleges of Education, Technical Schools etc, on yearly basis. The issue of insecurity will continue to be a nightmare to us.

  1. Youths Inclusion In Leadership: There is time for everything under the sun. The Youths are not begging for space in the political system, but because leadership is gradually moving towards the Youths globally. A Nation that fails to recognize the importance of Youths in Nation Building, will always have frictions in her political and social system.

  2. National Unity: As long as South-South sees Northerners as the reason why they are not developing and Northerners sees the South-South as enemies to progress. There won’t be National peace. Therefore, Restructuring may be the best option.

  3. Justice and Fairness: Until every man is equal before the law by practice, the masses will keep seeing Government orders/instructions as a scam.

  4. Religious Tolerance: The right to
    individual’s choice of religion is detailed in our constitution. And it should be implemented in accordance with the Law.

In addition to the above facts, the Government must work closely with all local security platforms, without political sentiment. There are several local security agencies, such as the Anioma Security Watch Network, Urhobo Security Network, the Vigilante Group, etc. The Government need to partner closely with these security bodies. In order to boost the security coverage in both LGAs and communities.

This is not an issue of APC or PDP. Rather, it’s about a people who have better knowledge of their local therein. These persons need to be fully trained and empowered, to carry out their duties effectively.

However, our leaders must understand that, if they assigned higher numbers of the security personnel to themselves and family members. Thereby leaving the masses unprotected will result in civil unrest.

On this note, I therefore, call on the Federal, States and the Local Governments. To wake up to the current security challenges. As it is their primary responsibility.

The earlier we act upon this menace that is staring us in the face, the better for us.

Conclusively, We must understand that the Government is meant to serve and not to starve the masses”.

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