Anxiety As Ijaws Continue Protest In Warri Over Exclusion In Ward Creation, Seeks For Indigenous Ward

Coastal News

WARRI_________Tension hightened in Delta state as Ijaw leaders and youths continued showdown in Warri with His Excellency Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the governors of Delta State over what they described as arbitrary exclusion of Warri Ijaws in the creation of new wards in Warri South Local Government council in the state.

The dreadful protest embarked upon by aggrieved Ijaws on Monday 7, caused pandemonium in Warri metropolis and Delta State at large as several roads in Warri and the Warri South Council were blocked and logged down for several hours causing serious traffic gridlock.

The protest paralyse commercial activities in Warri as traders flee their shops for safety.

The protesters added that the Ijaws in Warri does not had a single political ward, and that except fews wards for Okumgba and Okere Urhobos, every other wards were own by the Itsekiris in Warri metropolis.

They said given the Itsekiris additional ward when Ijaws do not had a single ward in Warri was an invitation to war.

The angry protesters insisted that Okowa must come and addressed them as a condition to wine down the dreadful and massive protest in Warri city.

However, protesting Ijaw women had asked Okowa to give them their ward in Warri South Local government area as they vowed to continued the protest till the grave injustice meted for the oppressed Warri Ijaws was addressed.

The protesters threatens that except the injustice is addressed they were ready to go to war.

The protesting Ijaw youths sang several war sons, and made incantations as they described the exclusion of Warri Ijaws in the recent ward creation as provocative as it was a deliberate attempt to incite crisis in Warri by the authorities of the state.

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