Evil Things Pastors Do To Church Women

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The churches are believed to be a place of worship where people gather to communicate to their creator at all times. In most churches there are worshippers both the old, the young and every gender is present and the pastors are the ones who lead this people. Pastor Preaching

However some pastors have turned away from doing right things and they have started some acts that are causing worshippers to walk away from churches.

In this article I am going to tell you some of this bad acts being done by the modern pastors.

In the past I have of instances where some pastors are sleeping with church members. Some of the pastors manipulate their followers that if they sleep with them they shall receive blessings and get cured thus this people will have no option but do as this pastors want.

Another way is that some pastors can be seen touching the sensitive parts of their followers while praying for them.

This act is immoral and it should be greatly condemned. In other places we have heard of pastors and church elders fighting over leadership in churches. You can find that some pastors prefer some people over others thus they will fight for those people they prefer to get top seats in those churches.

Another arising behavior is that some pastors are exploiting people by telling them to send them certain amounts of money in order for them to pray and do miracles to them. Let’s be against this Behaviors and help our churches to Maintain their purity by helping to behaving in manners that are required and encouraged in our churches.

The churches roles of praying and repenting should always remain and remove the bad behaviours occurring in them in anytime.

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