PROTEST: IPDI Calls For Creation Of Political Ward For Warri Ijaws, Demands For A Review Of Govt Earlier Decision

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WARRI_________The Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI has condemned the exclusion of Warri Ijaws in the creation of new wards in Warri south Local government Area of the state, demanding that the state government ably led by His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa (PhD) should reviewed the earlier decision and immediately made provision for another ward for the age-longed marginalized, oppressed and neglected Warri Ijaws to calmed every fray nerves in Warri and its environs.

Addressing news men in Warri during an interview granted by section of the media, the national president of the group ,Comrade Ozobo Austin said the Ijaws in Warri South Local government Area had suffered for oppression for too long and that there was need to be considered for the new ward creation in the state.

Ozobo appealed with protesting aggrieved Ijaw youths not to cause any war, and that Ijaw concerned leaders were already engaging critical authorities in the state in a view of finding a last solution to the matter.

IPDI added that for equity and all fairness it was wrong for the state government to had given the newly created ward to itsekiri that had all the wards apart from the few own by the Urhobos in Okumagba, Warri.

The activist noted that the Ijaws who do not had any political ward in the Warri South Local government area should had been the rightful people to had gain the newly created ward in the LGA.

IPDI asserted that, the Ijaws in the Warri South Local government area were equivalent to Itsekiri population in the LGA and that the exclusion was made to sideline and wiped out the Ijaw history in WARRI.

The group argued that creation of new ward in the state should be based on population size and that creating wards to make every Local government to had equally political wards was wrongly conceived.

IPDI said that there was no way all Local government can be equal in population size and land mass, and that there was a big injustice to equate small Local governments with bigger Local governments areas in the state by making them to had equally wards.

The right group called for a review of the earlier government decision in a view of abolishing the obnoxious law of equating small Local government Areas with bigger ones in terms of ward, and ensure that additional wards be created to captured the Ijaw interest for peace to reign in the state.

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