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The Chairman Urhobo Youths Association, Delta State Chapter, Comrade Gometi O. Crested. Has poured out his heart over the present state of things in Urhobo Nation.

Comrade Gometi highlighted that, the unity of the entire Urhobo Nation which is the 5th largest Ethnicity in Nigeria, is not negotiable. As it is only through unity, the Urhobo people can achieve success and benefit from their God given natural resources.

Comrade Crested, who made this public outcry via his social media handle. Also, recommended some key factors and possible areas of concentration. Which he believes will curtail the rapidly deteriorating unity in Urhobo Land.

The Youths Chairman therefore, charged all leaders, sons and daughters of Urhobo Nation. To take it as a responsibility to foster peace and unity amongst one another. In order to enhance improved living conditions for all Urhobos.

In His Words:

“The Urhobo Nation has never suffered the type of bleeding we are experiencing now in history. The Urhobo’s still maintain the 5th largest ethnicity and one amongst other ethnics, that God blessed with various natural resources in Nigeria. Yet the dividends are not visible and accessable to the citizens and the communities across the Urhobo Nation”.

“The values our fathers handed over to us has been aborted by some individuals, who choose to place their selfish ambitions before the cooporate interest and visions of the Urhobo Nation”.

“I’m afraid of the gloss darkness ahead of us, if we fail to address the fundamental issues that needs our attention timely. Most especially in the aspect of leadership in our traditional circle”.

“Our current problem is not the Government, but our traditional leaders that have converted the Urhobo Nation’s values and Interest to gain negotiating strength. For the achievement of their selfish and political ambitions”.

“We must understand that no Nation attains maximum development without positive and focus minded representatives/leaders. The UPU was setup to close the gaps that exists in the Urhobo Nation. And to foster unity amongst the Urhobos”.

“It was never registered as a political party where leaders and followers are to demonstrate political craftiness. The current division amongst the UPU Leadership, is worst than the Government of Nigeria that we are all crying to God for intervention”.

“Am so disappointed on those youths working with them as Youth Wings. That cannot even tell them the truth, because of what they stand to gain or loose”.

“Such youths are not capable to represent the interest of Urhobo Nation at any level. They better repent and ask for forgiveness”.

“We need to work in Unity as a matter of urgency. In order to pull ourselves out of the valley of insecurity, starvation, unemployment and underdevelopment steering at us on daily basis”.

“We have been patiently waiting/hoping that the leaders would rewrite their wrong. But the situation seems getting worst. And we won’t allow God to raise stones to praise Him in our time”.

“I have always said that the unity and development of Urhobo Nation is not negotiable. And i am very autistic that, as long as the Sun and moon remains. God will surely raised new set of people that will take all Urhobo Sons and Daughters to the promised Land in Jesus Name, Amen”.

“My message to everyone representing Urhobo in any capacity is”:

  1. Lets retrieve our steps from the wrong part and embrace unity. Let’s always allow the cooperate Interest to come first.

  2. UPU is not a political party, and should not be manage at such.

  3. Let’s stand out for good anywhere we find ourselves irrespective of what you stand to gain or loose.

  4. Let’s put all these differences behind us, and come up with a well coordinated structure that can restore the hope of every hopeless Urhobo Sons and Daughters in the street.

“We can’t remain at this point of whom to recognize, when our people are living below poverty level. Let us use the remaining hours in this year to close the existing gaps in preparation for the year 2021”.

“Those who feel offended by these words, should please forgive me. Its just that the Unity and Development of Urhobo Nation is not negotiable”.

“It’s my prayer that God Almighty will make the end part of the year 2020, to be far better than the beginning for us all in Jesus Name, Amen”.


Comrade Gometi O. Crested,
Chairman Urhobo Youth Association, Delta State Chapter.

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