Creation Of 34 New Wards By Gov Okowa: Why Urhobo Political Leaders Must Speak Up

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Since the ushering in of the present political dispensation in 1999, there have been deliberate attempts to whittle down the influence and clout of the Urhobo nation as the political leader of Delta State.

These attempts have seen Urhobo demographic figure (population) systematically churned down with each succeeding elections- such that local government areas that are predominantly made up of rural communities produce more votes than Delta Central SENATORIAL district which boasts of more cities and burgeoning towns than any other senatorial district in Delta State.

Perhaps the recent creation of additional 34 electoral Wards by DSIEC was the final attempt to dismantle Urhobo standing as the political leader of the state.

While it would be agreed that there is nothing wrong in creating additional electoral Wards from the existing ones, the disproportionate creation of 34 new wards apparently to favour and give undue political advantage to Delta North SENATORIAL district over the other senatorial district is most unfortunate and retrogressive. If there is anything, it has further polarized the state along ethnic lines; leaving so much to be desired.

One would have thought that the major parameters to be considered in creating new Wards, should be the population size of a particular environment or area. In this case, this important factor was not considered or how else can one come to terms with the fact that local government areas with far lesser population size were deemed fit for additional electoral Wards while those with greater and burgeoning population were left.

It is the height of political clannishness and bigotry that Aniocha South L.G A with a population size of 104, 604 , could get additional 6 wards to its existing 11, while Ughelli North that has a population of 320, 687 could not be considered for additional electoral Wards to its existing 11 Wards.

Again, how we do come to terms with the fact that Oshimili North L.G.A with a population of 150, 002 could get additional 6 wards to its existing 11, while Ethiope West L.G.A with a population of 203, 512 could not even get 1 additional ward.

Perhaps, the mission of Gov. Okowa is very clear,. and that is to make Delta Central politically insignificant before 2023.

The grand scheme to subjugate the Urhobos and upstage them in the 2023 gubernatorial election has began in earnest.

What many have found disheartening and disturbing is the fact that no Urhobo political leader from both sides of the divide of the two major political parties in the state (PDP & APC) have come out to condemn this unfortunate political coup against the Urhobo nation by Gov. Okowa

Although, I never expected them to do so particularly those in the PDP, considering the fact that most of them owe their economic survival to the state government. But, let it be said here, if they fail to raise their voices against this grave INJUSTICE to the Urhobos, they should know that they are our greatest enemies and not even Gov. Okowa.

How can a people that boasts of the Deputy Senate President, Speaker of the DTHA and Chairman of the leading political party in the state fold their hands and watch their people bandied and slaughtered politically?

Let it be known that this is one injustice too many, and the people of Delta Central SENATORIAL district will not allow it stand, whether our so-called political leaders like it or not. Thank you.

Source: Oasisnews

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