IPDI Counters Militants Against Governors’ Demand For Resource Control, Restructuring, Relocation Of IOCs

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ASABA_________The Ijaw People’s development initiative, IPDI, has countered militants against Governors’ demand for resource control, restructuring, relocation of IOCs operational headquarters to Niger Delta region among others.

This was contained in a press statement signed by its national president, Comrade Ozobo Austin which a copy of it was made available at press time.

The Niger Delta renowned activist said that the alleged militants calling on Federal government to reject the South-South Governors’ 7-point demand were not true agitators considering the germane issues raised by the governors.

The leader of Niger Delta comrades said it was provocative and demeaning to had read some supposed agitators under the auspicious of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, and coalition of 36 militant groups to had called on the Federal government to ignore or reject 7-point demand presented to Federal government delegation in Portharcourt stakeholders meeting by the South South governors in penultimate week.

The group added “This call doesn’t shows a true picture of the said agitators, as it has never been the style of Niger Delta agitators. These crops of agitators should borrow a leaf from defunct MEND and Niger Delta Avengers, and remain focused if they are true agitators”

“It is succinct to state that the 7-point demand of the South-South governors are not out of place as it forms part of the issues causing Niger Delta agitations over the years and that militant groups calling on Federal Government to reject the 7-point demand of south-south governors are not true agitators”

IPDI noted that except such groups have ulterior motive, there was no need for conflicting statements and counter attacks from supposed militant groups that should had complimented the efforts of the Niger Delta governors.

IPDI stated “The militants’ demand for accountability from Niger Delta governors is not out of place, but it is not a ground to say the Federal government should reject the governors’ demand for resource control, restructuring, relocation of operational headquarters of international oil companies to Niger Delta region among others”

“There is no need for antagonizing ourselves as people of South South who shares the same pains and suffering except some people are displaying the voice of Jecob with the hand of Esau”

“If truly we all are agitating for the collective well being of Niger Delta region, there is no point of calling on Federal government to reject the 7-point demand of the South-South governors as it is crucial for the emancipation of Niger Delta region.
We can’t fight with divided attention as a people. We need to speak with one voice and compliment one another efforts to achieve our common golds”

“The militants, if they are not on a political mission, they would have done their demand for direct payment of 13 percent derivation to host communities separately without necessarily telling Federal government to reject the 7-point agenda of the South South governors”

“The struggle needs more committed efforts. We can’t allow party ideologies to divide us. So long the agitation is inline with the aspirations of Niger Delta people, It doesn’t matter whose political party or agitator is agitating for the region. Our mean focus should be the emancipation of Niger Delta region from deprivation and abject poverty”

“We are pained that our mineral resources are for all but Zamfara is freely mining her gold and selling it without Federal government interference. This should be our pains, and our idealogies should be based on emancipating the region”

“The Refomed Niger Delta avengers, and other militant groups should remained focused and shouldn’t allow people with ulterior motive to use them to jeopardize the renewed agaitation of Niger Delta governors”

“Whatever motive is behind the renewed agitation of the South South governors, it doesn’t matter but the opportunities and benefits the Niger Delta public will drive from it should be our focus. Antagonizing one another will not yield any benefit but will only create anarchy among us as it will create room for more exploitation”

“True Federalism, resource control , relocation of IOCs operational headquarters and others will not only benefit the governors but will end marginalization and deprivation in the region”

“Niger Delta region will benefit more from the renewed agaitation of the South South governors. Chief James Ibori and DSP Alamieyesegha championed resource control to a large extend, and today, NDDC and the 13 percent derivation are some of the achievements, and it is not Ibori and Alamieyesegha that are benefiting the dividends. I have nothing to do with the messager but the message he/she is passing across that is more important, IPDI added.

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