No Agreement For Ijaws To Step Down For Urhobo In 2023, Ughelli Ijaws Reply Chief Majemite

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WARRI__________The resident Ijaws in Ughelli, have debunked the claim by one Chief Fred Majemite saying that the Ijaws should respect agreement between the Urhobo and Ijaw concerning 2023 governorship race in the state.

In a press statement signed by Gen. Oyas Kpokun, the youth Amayanabo of Ughelli Ijaws which was made available at press said there was no agreement for the Ijaws to step down for her Uhrobo neighbours in 2023 governorship race in the state.

The Ughelli Ijaws made it emphatically that it was Ijaw turn to rule Delta State come 2023 being politically marginalized to be the third largest tribe in the state.

Gen. Oyas urged the general public to disregard provocative comments and lies peddled by one Chief Fred Majemite on the social media.

The Ijaws had demaned for a retraction and apology for the mischievous publication made by the purported Majemite.

The press release in full:

“We read with dismay and shock over the concocted outbust of one Chief Fred Majemite saying that Ijaws should respect agreement between the Ijaws and Uhrobo concerning 2023 on the social media on Wednesday 25th”

“Ordinarily, it’s not our style to respond to every tom, dick and Harry, but to avoid the public being misled by the unfounded, malicious, mischievous, derogatory and provocative comments of political liabilities in the state, we decided to straighten the record”

“It should be noted that there is no any agreement between Urhobo and Ijaws concerning 2023 guber race in the state as erroneously insinuated by one Chief Majemite in Ughelli and that the public should disregard every mischievous claim made by a defunctional politician, Chief Majemite in the state”.

“We wish to state unequivocally that it is Ijaw turn to rule Delta State come 2023 being politically marginalized to be the third largest tribe in the state”

“The Ijaw course is in the right direction being the fact that the two largest tribes have taken their turns, and it is not out of place if the third man in the house decided to seek for his turn at this moment”

“However, Chief fred Majemite can not and doesn’t fit to speak on the issues surrounding the 2023 governorship in Delta State being part of the PDP problems in Ughelli North”

“The resident Ijaws that live in Ughelli and its environs numbering over thousands have contributed in no small way in the development of modern Ughelli, and such deserves reward”

“Fred can’t speak for the PDP for now because he has been tested and has failed”

“It may interest you to know that Ijaws have supported the Urhobos massively during Felix Ibru and James Ibori as governors of the state. Hence, the Urhobos should do same by supporting the Ijaw course come 2023”

“Besides, Majemite should tell us results so far from Ekiugbo for the recent elections in the state for the world to know his political relevance in Ekiugbo and Ughelli.
Under his watch the opposition party has always won all units and wards in Ughelli and Ekiugbo where Fred came from”

“Until later Eric Oharisi get judgement via the court to come back to the state house, the two constituencies in Ughelli North have been usually won by the opposition party”

“It is our kindly demand that the referenced Chief Fred should retract his provocative comment and render public apology for the Ijaw people and further desist from creating acrimony among the Ijaws and their Uhrobo neighbours in the state”

Gen. Oyas kpokun
The Youth Amayanabo of Ijaws in Ughelli.

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