IPDI Blasts Buhari Over Niger Fuel Deals, Says He Is A Nepotistic President With No Vision, Foresight

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WARRI________A South-south social political pressure group, the Ijaw people’s Development initiative, IPDI has said president Muhammadu Buhari had failed Nigerians over his nepotistic plan to import fuel to the country from Niger republic.

The group, speaking through its national president, Comrade Ozobo Austin, added that Buhari had turned Nigeria to a laughing stock before the international community on his bigotry actions an inactions.

The group said Buhari poor understanding on the dynamics of internal governance was the reason Nigeria was experiencing unimaginable recession at every intervals.

IPDI asserted, it was shameful for Nigeria ,the giant of Africa to condescend so low to sign a nepotistic deals of importing fuel to Nigeria with Niger republic.

They posited that Niger republic is not up to three states in Nigeria and operated only on low capacity refineries and ordinary does not had the capacity to supply Nigeria fuel if not that Buhari had turned himself to a religious bigot.

The group said Buhari doesn’t mean well for Nigerians, hence enriching Niger republic and his Arabic countries with Nigeria resources was now his primary responsibility.

IPDI said Nigeria had Three mega refineries in the country and if overhauled, it would create more positive impacts in the country than importing fuel from Niger republic, one of the Africa poorest countries.

The right group said Buhari should sign oil deal with artisanal refineries in Nigeria Niger Delta to supply the country fuel, instead of importing fuel from Niger republic whose refineries were below standard compared to refineries in Nigeria.

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