Constitutional Amendment: Hon Ozobo Calls For Split Of Burutu LGA Into Burutu North, South, Central

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WARRI_______The president of Ijaw People’s Development initiative, IPDI, Comrade Ozobo Austin has thrown his weight behind the call for the split of Burutu Local government areas into two or three LGA, being one of the largest and the oldest LGAs in the country.

The right activist in an interview called on Delta South senator, Sen.James Manager, and Hon. Julius Pondi, member House of Representatives, presenting Burutu Federal constituency to ceased the medium of the constitution amendment to agitate for the split of Burutu LGA to two or three separate LGAs.

Ozobo said almost all the LGAs created much more later after the creation of Burutu in Delta State had been splited into two or more but Burutu case remained a sad tale.

The group said the LGA be splited into Burutu North, Burutu South and Burutu Central, being one of the largest and oldest LGAs in the country.

He said there was no better times than now to agitate for the split of Burutu LGA into two or more LGAs.

Ozobo added that Burutu LGA has been overdued to be splited into two or three separate LGAs in Delta State but had suffered backlash and neglected during creation of additional LGAs in the country.

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