Arrest And Seizure Of Alledged Endsars Sponsors: Prof. GG Darah, Obule, Other Nigerians Speaks, Condemns Actions Of Govt

By Wilson Macaulay

The tactical arrest and unbridled seizure of travelling documents of  those perceived or suspected  to be Endsars sponsors, is generating heated argument across the length and breadth of the nation. With People  sharing their different views depending on which side of the trajectory or

polical divide they belong.

Our News Crew went round and  filed  in this report from our News Desk.

The Action Preempts The Result of The Judicial Panels Set Up By Govt. Prof. G G Darah, Professor Godini G Darah, Chairman PANDEF, Delta State who spoke concerning the unfolding events of tactical arrest and calculated clamp down said: ”

I have very little to say about the matter. However, I am certain that those being hounded by the government and its agencies are capable of defending their constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of association and expression.

He explained that Ultimately the so-called sponsors of EndSars protesters will be vindicated as heroes and heroines of their country.

Giving specific example, Prof. GG Darah said : “Recalled  that from the 1960s-1990s, the monstrous apartheid regime in South Africa treated Nelson Mandela and comrades as “communist terrorists”.

But the oppressed South Africans pressed on with the struggle for liberation and justice for all. This dream came to pass in 1994 when Mandela was elected the first black African president of multi-racial South Africa.

On the day of Mandela’s inauguration, the white racist army and security officers lined up in salute to the epic hero of democracy and freedom. Consider the panic exposed by the government’s ill-timed step; judicial tribunals have been set up by states to probe cases of police brutality and crimes against humanity.

The panels are yet to conclude their work. But government goes ahead to preempt the justices and render their expected verdicts potentially null and void.

  Therefore, by taking the precipitate action of “terrorising” the so-called enablers of EndSars evangels, the Buhari government has dramatised its moral and political weakness.

That is a signpost of regime failure and the government will be duly punished for this reckless use of power by an elected head of state. Nigeria has had “boko haram” terrorists for years; government has not been able to identify a single financier of these blood-thirsty groups.

The government even admits negotiating with the terrorists and offering them bribes of dollar “palliatives” that enable them to acquire more deadly weapons.

Armed, murderous herdsmen, kidnappers and cattle rustlers have been on rampage in many Northern states and elsewhere; the government is helpless and clueless.

Why is the Buhari administration so “efficient” now in finding out suspected backers of the genuine EndSars protesters? Why is the government unable to fish out the sponsors of the “hoodlums” hired to disrupt the peaceful protests?

He urged the victimised patriots to assemble formidable legal and media teams.

No matter how long it takes, there will be victory for the youth freedom fighters. Let them immunise themselves against fear in the words of Dr Fidel Castro of Cuba: “History shall absolve us”

Prof Godini G. Darah reminded Nigerians in particular and the world in general that.

History is replete with these fatalities of power-drunk leaders who are sure to be featured on record as inglorious era in our nation building efforts.

Diebicheko A Social Activist based in Delta State is of the view that the Agencies trying to cramp down on the sponsors of endears are only fanning the flame of fire.

They will use their own hands and create the second wave of endsars protest, it’s now we shall know the truth about our president, he will face Nigerians this time, no more audio record.

Diebicheko regretted that  the FG  made a very big mistake by

allowing overzealous people to act beyond limit even when it is clear that any one swimming against the tide of endsars will surely be drowned.

He stressed that since that unique event Nigeria has passed a new positive spirit on how we can make our elected representatives accountable to the electorates,  because   Everybody Eyes Done  Open”

Speaking further he declared thus : ” intimidation will not hold water, the next protest will be worst than this if they fail to let  these people ( endsars )protesters go free.

He added saying: ” The action in my estimation is total   disgrace to everything called government,

Civil Society Should Rise To Defend Our Rights

Isah aka Busy Brain

Comrade Isah aka Busy Brain who made his  view over arrest of the endsars sponsors known said.: ”

Nigeria’s structure in terms of governance is really poor.

The rule of law as obviously displayed  does not  apply to the poor masses.

Busy Brain   observed that  In a well structured society,  staging protest is actually the right of the citizens and seizing passports and freezing accounts of the perceived sponsor of the protest or   protesters is a violation of human right.

He suggested that the human rights activists and civil society groups should rise and defend the right of the citizens against kaki-democratic government .

Prince Akpor Abugo SSA Social Advocacy To Gov. Okowa of Delta State Described the Action. As A Sad Devt, Prince Akpor Abugo SSA to governor Okowa of Delta State on Social Advocacy said the reported arrest and seizure of travelling documents if true is indeed a sad development.

He added that the action bespeaks of insincerity and lack of transforming problems into solutions which is the best way to secure social stability in the precarious time we found ourselves.

Prince Abugo the senior Governor Aide advised the federal government to do more to win confidence, trust and make the people partners in progress?

He lamented that When a government is out of ideas and clueless, this is what happens.

He posited to me that, witch hunting citizens or backers of #endsars is wicked and retrogressive, no Government that is desirous of good governance do this, unfortunately no legacy this Buhari Government is leaving behind.

Seizure of Travelling Documents and Arrest of Alledged Endsars Sponsors, Is All Rumours and Baseless.

Okotete APC Women Leader

Chief Hon.Stella Okotete the APC National Women Leader Presently a member of the APC Caretaker Committee  who  whatsapped her message  asserted that there is nothing like arrest or seizure of ensarars documents  going on.

She stressed in her statement that, what is flying about are all fake news  from the social media which are not crossed checked with prevailing facts  before being released into the mainstring of the rumour mill just to discredit the laudable effort of President Buhari who is working assiduously to make Nigeria a truly great nation better than the way he met it.

Hon .Okotete advised youths across the country to key into the various empowerment programmes of government to ensure that the Next Level Agenda of President Buhari is not derailed or jeopardised on the altar of some selfish individuals who are the enemies opposed to the progress of Nigeria.

The Idea ls  A Huge Joke To Me Chief Isaac Obasogie

Chief  Isaac Obasogie the founder of Edo Arise, a front line voice in the Niger Delta said the idea of arresting and seizing of endsars alleged sponsors  is a huge joke to him.

He stressed that  the ruling authorities  must remember that  We’re not in a  military era, this is absolute dictatorship by the Buhari government.

He advised  the  APC led Federal  Government to  be very careful in taking decision that will  boomerang to create more problems,  adding that ,anything can happen.

He argued strongly that the line of action they are taking is not a solution finding mission.

Continuing he asked  rhetorically, how  can you think of  arresting  endsars sponsors and freeze  their account?, that approach is bound to be counter productive he concluded.

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