FESTIVAL OF LOVE/PURITY: Tompolo Tasks Religious Leaders To Advocate Love, Calls For End To Heresies And Religious Extortion

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Spiritual leader of Ijaw traditional religion, High Chief Oweizidei Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo. Has appealed to leaders of various religious groups to herald Love, truth and not propagate heresies for the purpose of extortation and fame.

He admonished religious leaders against use of fear sermons, which he decried as a tool to coerce worshippers/adherents for pecuniary gains.

He noted that tithes, offerings, alms, should not be the focal point of religious teachings, but the message of the Mother’s love, which he highlighted as an integral aspect of the Godhead that is being neglected.

He added that enforcement of the Mother’s love teachings, would liberate worshippers, the society from the shackles of fear, anger, hatred, violence and usher in the atmosphere and era of Love, peace, understanding and unity of purpose.

He again, advised religious leaders to be prudent and truthful to inform worshippers that the nature of God is inherent in every man, and teach them how to harness this potential for the good of mankind, the universe and not continue to feed them with heresies and imprisoning their minds.

Tompolo further stated that one major contributor to the animosity and acrimony breeding amongst humans was the too much concentration on the father aspect of the Godhead which he mentioned as, Judgmental, rigid, strict and decisive, adding that people should begin to awaken the Mother’s love consciousness in them, as the both aspects are needed to serve as balance.

Tompolo gave this message at the festival of Bini-Ebi, Ijaw Goddess of Love and purity, at Ogulagha kingdom, he prayed for Mother’s love upon every household and also prayed for Prosperity, tranquility and understanding amongst all and peace to all Nigerians, the world.

Tompolo concluded by advising political office holders to be Messengers rather than rulers, he counsels them to take decisions that will reflect positively in the lives of the masses and not add to their burdens.

The report was contained in a statement released by the Apostolic duo of Ellington Bakumor and Bodmas kemepadei.

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