Niger Delta Militants Supports Sen. Omo-Agege Over Diversion Of 13 Percent Derivation Funds By Governors

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The Coalition of Militant groups in the Nine States of the Niger Delta region under the aegis of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) have declared their support for the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege over his comment on the alleged diversion of the 13 percent oil derivation funds by Governors of the oil producing states.

The RNDA also declare support for the allege moves by President Buhari and the National Assembly to check mate the State Governors of the Niger Delta State on the 13 per cent derivation fund with the establishment of a Coastal Royal Development Agency to ensure direct funding of development and empowerment projects to oil producing communities in the region.

According to the RNDA, said though the informed position on the misappropriation of the 13 per cent derivation by State Governors is included in the 12-points demands of the militant groups to the Federal Government, the position of the Deputy Senate President is further affirmation that the Federal Government should review the key issues proper payment of gas flare penalty funds, the utilization of the 13 percent derivation funds, direct involvement of Oil producing Communities in the sharing of the funds and the involvement of the Host Communities (HOSTCOM) in the issue of pipeline surveillance security contract jobs.

The RNDA, in a communique issued yesterday via electronic mail and signed by its Coordinator, Johnmark Ezonebi also known along the creek as Obama, stated that despite the ongoing discussions entered into between the group, Stakeholders and traditional rulers from the region and the Federal Government over issues of the 21days ultimatum issued in October, “it was agreed the agitated Militant group should sheath their swords and allow the issues be presented to President Buhari and they will come out with a drastic solution to ameliorate the emancipated neglected people of the region”.

The group revealed that the ongoing discussiobn with the Federal Government has led to a meeting between the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege, the Minister of Niger Delta,Sen. Godswill Akpabio, the Senior Special Adviser to President on Niger Delta, Sen. Ita Eyang including the coordinator of the presidential Amnesty programme, Rtd Col Dikkio Milland and the Hon Minister of Petroleum Resources State His Excellency Chief Timipre Sylva with some serving Senators and House of Reps members from the region, ”to engage the delegation of leaders headed by High Chief Wallington Okrika and Traditional rulers were led by HRM King Diete Spiff the Amayanabor of Twon Brass with the leadership of HOSTCOM which is headed by Dr. Prince Mike Emuh.”

“At the meeting, the deputy Senate president on behalf of the federal government re asurd the delegation team of dialogue headed by High Chief Wallington Okrika that all the key critical issues raised by them will not be thrown into the dustbin and that the release of the gas flair penalty funds will be addressed and also the 13 percent derivation funds that is hanging and ends in the hands of the Niger Delta State Governors instead of the funds to go directly to the oil producing communities that are suffering from the oil exploitation and exploration activities in the creeks.”

“The funds which was originally approved by the federal government to address the sufferings of the oil producing communities that is now being diverted by this Governors will be looked into critically and the federal government will set up 13 percent derivation trust fund or Coastal Royal 13 per cent derivation development agency will be established with a legislative backing in other to address this man-made perpetual injustice created by the governors of the Niger Delta and even the pipeline surveillance security contract job that is awarded to one individual alone will be also looked into will be addressed and that the oil producing communities who are the host to the pipelines and host to the oil facilities will be engaged directly to protect and safeguard the pipelines in their doorsteps as well”

“Therefore the deputy Senate president assured the dialogue team headed by High Chief Wallington Okrika and the traditional rulers led by HRM King Diete Spiff and the HOSTCOM National Chairman that president Muhammadu Buhari and the APC led federal government will not disappoint the people of the Niger Delta region in terms of addressing the under development of the region therefore he the deputy Senate president as the political leader of the region will not fold his hands over here in Abuja and keep quiet and watch the youths and the RNDA Militant group to resume any form of hostilities in the creek that is why he is reaching to the leaders and the traditional rulers and call for dialogue and to engage the youths of the region that the country does not need such actions at the moment after coming out of the End SARS brouhaha and that he is appealing to the RNDA Militant group with the youths of the region to sheath their sword and other grievances. And that the demands raised will be addressed by the presidency and speed implementation will be out as soon as possible”.

“To this end, the RNDA, with the coalition of the nine Militant groups in the creek, want to salute and commend the Deputy Senate President,who is the political leader of the Niger Delta region,for his proactiveness, charismatic, patriotic and leadership qualities he has exhibited so far in handling issues of national interest for the peace and development of the Niger Delta people and the nation at large. The leadership of the RNDA is proud of his sound undeviating transparent leadership qualities in driving good governance to the people is incomparable and non to be recon with in the Niger Delta”.

“At this juncture, the RNDA also want to commend the Hon Minister of Niger Delta Sen. Godswill Akpabio and the Senior Special Adviser to President on Niger Delta with the presidential Amnesty Programme Coordinator, Rtd Col Dikkio Milland for their various key roles they have played so far in putting much commitment and tireless efforts to handle this issues raised and making themselves available to engage the stakeholders and the traditional rulers with the leadership of the HOSTCOM and representative of the RNDA Militant groups for the interest of peace and stability in the once trouble region. And the RNDA want to urge them to always put heads together with the Deputy Senate President, who is the political leader of the Niger Delta region, to address critical issues confronting the people of the region.”

“And they should try as much as possible to use their exalted offices to engage the youths of the Niger Delta region and roll out youth empowerment programmes and skill acquisition schemes to easy the sufferings of the youths in the creek of the region and they should always carry the youths of the Niger Delta along. Lastly, the RNDA, with the coalition of the nine Militant groups has reviewing the 21 days ultimatum declared so far in the creek and will soon come up with a breaking news after due consultations with the leadership of the dialogue team headed by High Chief Wallington Okrika the traditional prime minister of Gbaramatu kingdom and HRM King Diete Spiff with the national chairman of HOSTCOM, Dr. Prince Mike Emuh and the RNDA group representative who went to Abuja to enter into a dialogue peace meeting with the Deputy Senate President with some ministers of the region.”

The RNDA also pointed out that arising from the positive indication from the series of meetings between the Federal Government and the various stakeholders with the group, “ the RNDA may be forced to equally relaxed the ultimatum and will be waiting for the outcome of the next phase of meeting in Abuja and we urge the Deputy Senate President to use his highly exalted respected Office to address all the key issues raised so far because the people of the Niger Delta region has a lot of regards for him and their expectations are high and there is a lot of jubilations across the oil producing communities in the creek of the region and therefore he should not breach the trust and confidence reposed on him by the people of the region”.

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