POLITICAL NEGLECT: Ijaw Comrade Writes Open Letter To Gov Okowa Over Exclusion Of Ijaws In Warri Town Hall Meeting, Political Negligence

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A comrade from the Ijaw ethnic nationality in Delta State. Has written an open letter to the Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Authur Okowa. Over the exclusion of the Ijaws in the Warri Town Hall Meeting, and what he described as political negligence in the state.

The comrade described the act as a disregard and a slap on the faces of Ijaws in the state.

Going further, the Ijaw comrade, as well highlighted the government’s negligence of the Ijaws in the state, in the area of employment and social inclusion.

The letter reads in part:

“The Governor of Delta State,

Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Authur Okowa”

Dear sir,

“An Open Letter Over Omission of Ijaw comrades in Warri town hall meeting, Infrastructural Neglect in Ijaw Communities

Your excellency sir, this would have been my speech if I had the opportunity in the town hall meeting.

The last time a caricature recruitment was done in college of education warri was sometime in 2012, 2013. A lot of staffs must have exited that institution from that time till now either in search of greener pastures, voluntary retirement or death. But the funny thing is that, the salaries of some of the persons who have left the institution through the mediums I just highlighted, are still finding their way to some private pockets.

We can create a lot of vacancies for the youths if these loopholes can be blocked. As many young men in the state will be gainfully employed through this medium, and be taken off the streets.

Your excellency sir, the scenario I just narrated concerning the college of education warri, is applicable to almost all institutions in this state, including the state civil service.

Sir, if this factors I just mentioned are duly considered, you will be amazed the thousand of vacancies that will be created to accommodate our youths.

Your excellency sir, you will agree with me that the ijaws have paid their dues economically and otherwise, towards the development of this state. And yet, we have been relegated to the background in the league of communities. Including in terms of education, which happens to be the bedrock of every nation.

The delta state school of marine technology, burutu is the only visible state owned higher institution in ijaw area in this state. And yet it is nothing to write home about.

Our cadets, midshipmen, students and future master mariners of delta state extraction, are receiving lectures in wooden classrooms in this 21st century. Which makes me begin to wonder how technical is this technical school, when the teaching and learning environment itself is not technical.

Your Excellency sir, I want to use this medium to crave your indulgence, to please use your good office, in attending to the permanent site of DESOMATECH. Which is long overdue. Pls sir, a marine school as we call it, can not be runned without an IMO standard swimming pool. I will also want to beg you to look into that too. So that at the end, we will be able to produce graduates who will be employable.

You excellency sir, the last time a thorough recruitment was done in DESOMATECH Burutu was 2011. And the school is currently in dire need of qualified staffs. So please sir, use your good office to effect automatic employment of both teaching and non teaching staffs in the school. By utilising the vacancies created by those who have left the institution.

Here is the catch sir:

When you employ 20, 50 youths, and take them off the streets. You must have solved a lot of societal problems in the area of social vices. Because, once the eyes are lifted, the nose is also lifted.

Sir, it might also interest you to know that, every single youth employed in the state, will in turn affect his circle the other way round. By so doing, you would have strengthened the institutions, such that they will be capable of delivering quality education. Thereby, producing fully baked graduates, who are readily employable. And not the types that will be carrying a degree that is not employable.

Your excellency sir, the bottom line here is that, there should be a total overhauling of the state work force. And qualified youths should be employed where there are vacancies.

Sir, you have not done anything for Delta youths since the advent of your administration. Because even the few empowerment programs like ‘YAGEP’, and the rest of them. Were highjacked by few leaders and was given to cronies.

Therefore, nothing actually got to the common youths in the streets. Also, these beneficiaries were at ease to sell off their starter packs, because they got it too easily. And are sure of getting some more because they are connected to our supposed leaders.

Your excellency sir, you are a father, and a grand father. Please sir, see this as a genuine cry for help for the youths in the state. As there are several youths who have graduated since 15, 18 yrs ago without any job.

Please sir, it is time to WALK the TALK. It doesn’t require rocket science to meet the few demands I have made, for the youth constituency. If it was possible for Prof Ben Ayade to immediately employ some youths in his state. Then the EKUEME as you are fondly called by your admirers, can also do it.

Though, we know the realities and peculiarities in the state are not as same as that of Prof. Ayade’s.

I have a lot more to add but I will rest my case here to be continued in next episode”.


Yours faithfully,

Comrade Abeki Pullah.

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