ZAMFARA GOLDMINE: IPDI Charges Military To Invade Illegal Gold Mining Spots, Refineries In Zamfara As It Is Done In Niger Delta

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It’s cowardice for Nigerian military not to invade illegal gold mining spots, refineries in Zamfara state.

It’s only irresponsible government that will allow Zamfara state government and her citizens stealing the nation’s gold resources to go unpublished.

However, I challenge Nigerian military to go and invade illegal gold mining spots and refineries in Zamfara state now, as it unlawfully invade Niger Delta communities and artisanal oil refineries indiscriminately, if the one Nigeria being canvassed by the hegemony is not fake.

It’ll be a great disservice to Niger Delta people if the illegal 5billion gold deal is allow to fly. It will be a great injustice to Niger Delta if Nigerian government allows Zamfara government and its citizens stealing our gold resources to go free. They must be punished as common criminals as Niger Delta youths are being punished and killed indiscriminately.

It should be noted that except Zamfara gold is made national resources and proceeds shared among States in Nigeria, Niger Delta may stop every oil operation in the region, as Zamfara gold deal with CBN is in contravention with the Nigeria Constitution whose vested ownership of mineral resources in country in trust of the Federal government.


Comrade Ozobo Austin

National president Ijaw People’s Development initiative, IPDI.

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