Delta 2023: Clement Tonfawei Blasts UPU President, Says Nothing Can Stop Ijaws From Producing The Governor Come 2023

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A Niger Delta based Human Rights activist, Philanthropist and Business tycoon, Hon. Dr. Clement Tonfawei. Has joined his voice with several other Ijaws From Delta State, to condemn the statement of the factional president of the Urhobo Progressive Union, Joe Omene, over the Governorship elections of the State, come 2023. Claiming that, it is the turn of the Delta Central Senatorial District to produce the next Governor.

The rights activist made his displeasure known, on Wednesday the 7th October 2020. In a press release signed by him. Of which a copy was sent to Coastal Times.

In the press release, Hon. Tonfawei condemned the derogatory and malicious statement of the UPU President in its entirety. Stating that, the statement and current position of the Urhobos, who are from the Delta Central Senatorial District. Is capable of igniting and generating undue tension in the state, come 2023. Therefore, charged the UPU factional President, to render unreserved apologies to the Ijaws of Delta state. For such unguided and defamatory statement against the Ijaws. And also advised the Urhobos in the state to get rid of their ambitions, as it will not work.

Tonfawei as well, hinted in the press release that, over the past years. Delta Central, has been fervently working around the clock, to produce the Governor of the state. Knowing fully well that it is not their sole right. As every senatorial district in the state, has equal rights over the seat of the Governor.

Dr. Clement, further asserted that, the Delta Central senatorial district, has been on the actualization of this their ill ambition, since the time of former Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan. And has continued with their fight for the governorship position, even unto the Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa led Government.

Clement Tonfawei on that note, charged the Urhobos in the state, to withdraw their ambitions of producing the Governor. And let the Delta South Senatorial District, particularly the Ijaw ethnicity, produce the next Governor of the state. Premising on the fact that, the Ijaws in the state, has never been favored by the gentleman rotational arrangement in the state.

It reads:

I Hon. Dr. Clement Tonfawei, want to use this medium to condemn in it’s entirety, the unguided, defamatory and provocative statement of the president of the Urhobo Progressive Union, Omene over the Governorship elections of Delta State, come 2023.

I want to say that, the statement of the UPU factional President is baseless and void. As the Delta Central will not be given any of such opportunity to produce the Governor of Delta state.

May i remind the Urhobos and the entire Delta Central Senatorial District in extension that, right from the time of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Delta Central Senatorial District. Has been consistently fighting for the office of the Governor of the state. Knowing fully well that, it is not the turn of the Delta Central to do so.

Moreover, it is a well known fact that, the agreement which brought about the unconstitutional rotation of the office of the Governor, within the three Senatorial Districts in the state. Is a mere political arrangement, that was prompted by necessity. And as such, ought not to be considered exclusive.

Also, it is worthy of note that, the Ijaws of Delta State, are been deprived of the office of Governor, since the creation of the state. Due to this unconstitutional and conventional gentleman rotational practice. Which has kept the Ijaws in perpetual subjugation in the state.

Therefore, we the Ijaws of the state, will no longer fold arms, and continue to be sole victims of this unfair and unequal arrangement. As we are now fully ready, to take what is rightfully ours. And will do everything within our powers to achieve this goal. As the State is for all of us, and not for a particular district.

It is one this note, I am charging the UPU President, Omene to render unreserved apologies to the Ijaws of Delta State. For his provocative and derogatory statement against the Ijaws. I as well, advise the Urhobos and the Delta Central Senatorial District as a whole , to eliminate their undue governorship ambition come 2023. As it will not come to pass.

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