BURUTU COUNCIL CHAIRMANSHIP: General Pijolo Makes Case For Ogulagha Kingdom, Calls On Politicians In The Kingdom To Indicate Interest

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OGULAGHA______ A Frontline General and youth leader from Ogulagha Community in Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu local government Area of Delta State, General Benjamin Igoigoi, popularly known as Pijolo. Has stated that the next Local Government Chairman of Burutu Council should come from Ogulagha Kingdom. Reason been that, since the creation of Burutu as a LGA, an Ogulagha man has never been chairman of the LGA.

The Youth leader made the call today Friday 2nd, October 2020. While addressing Newsmen at the Headquarters of Ogulagha kingdom.

General Pijolo hinted that, it is the turn of an Ogulagha Son from the North, to become the next chairman of Burutu LGA. Pointing to the fact that the present Chairman is from Burutu North.

He also expressed displeasure over how successive Government has abaddoned Ogulagha kingdom, in terms of Development. Despite the fact that only Ogulagha kingdom Generates the IGR of the Burutu LGA and even to the state.

In his words:

” I’m pained that Ogulagha kingdom has never produce Burutu LGA Council Chairman whereas, The revenue of Burutu Local Government area is generated from Ogulagha kingdom.

Ogulagha kingdom has capable and notable leaders to Man the office of the Chairman.

My people have been backward in terms of infrastructural Development and human Capital Development.

Graduates of various qualifications from Ogulagha has also been denied Employment slots from the Council area, and the state marine School situated at Burutu.

I want to therefore, use this means to call on the political class of Ogulagha kingdom. To start indicating interest to Become the next Chairman”.

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