Delta Ijaw Governorship 2023 And The Sheriff Mulade Factor

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As the Delta State Governorship ambition for 2023 begins, we can but only wonder, who will become the next Governor of the state.

It is on this premise, speculations has been looming in the air. As to who will be and from which ethnic nationality will the office of the Governor be given.

Here is the Sheriff Mulade factor, and the Bold Movement for a Delta Ijaw Governor come 2023.

Meet Chief Comrade Sheriff Mulade, the man behind the Bold Movement. He is The Authentic Pilot of Ijaws of Delta South Wake Up Call to occupy the Government House, Asaba in 2023.

Bold Movement is a wake-up initiative for Ijaw leaders to be awake and prepare early for a sumptuous political occasion comes 2023 governorship.

It will be an occasion that will culminate into a constitutional transition of power for hope to be restored to all Deltans.

Ijaws are ready, many are dressing up as prominent sons and daughters of Ijaw nation gears up for the occasion.

Chief Sheriff Mulade is a bridge-builder, having all it takes to discuss issues raised by Urhobos who demanded justice and equity, bothering on the argument of adhering to equity and justice in the unwritten zoning arrangement in Delta state since 1999.

With Mulade Sheriff on the stage, the interest of all ethnic groups will be accommodated and the call for equity and fairness will be answered.

Hope comes as an appeal to Urhobos’ Isoko, Itsekiri and the Delta North ethnic to support an Ijaw candidate for 2023 governorship.

Bold Movement: # Sheriff Mulade is Coming#

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