Ijaw Nation Set To State Position Over Proposed Water Resources Bill, Holds One Day Virtual Conference

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The people of the Ijaw ethnic nationality in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Has held a one day virtual conference over the proposed water resource bill, instigated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This was gathered after the conclusion of the virtual conference yesterday 20th September, 2020.

The conference which was organized under the auspices of the Ijaw nation development group, INDG. Had in attendance, great and mighty sons and daughters of the ijaw nation. And was ably chaired by Amb. Dr. Godknows Boladei Igali OON. With Chief Anthony George Ikoli SAN, as Keynote Speaker.

Amongst some of the issues outlined in the conference, was the negative effect of the said bill on the ijaw people, should it be passed into law.

The Ijaws deliberated on how to democratically present their displeasure and disposition to the Federal Government. As they believe that the bill is aimed at depriving them of their God given right of the water in their territory.

The ijaws who are predominately resident in the riverine part of the country, are at this point, being threatened by the conception of this bill and it’s subsequent proposal. Therefore, have come out to raise concerns over the after effect of the bill on them, if passed into law.

They lamented that the bill gives too much authority to the central government ( FG ). And any attempt to pass it into law, will certainly tell greatly on the ijaw people. Who are geographically situated at the coastlines of the country.

The Water resource bill, which was proposed by the Federal Government, is a bill that will lay on the Federal Government’, the powers to regulate how the water in every part of the country is been used.

This is a bill that will give total control of the two major rivers in the country, which are the river Niger and the river Benue to the Federal government. Which will in a way, hinder Nigerians especially those living at the banks of the rivers from exploring the waterways in their territories .

Noting that the bill if passed into law, will certainly have negative impact on their very means of survival, which is fishing and other related factors. The Ijaw People have therefore, resorted to holding a virtual conference, in order to stand as one, and speak with one voice, against the passage of the bill. Which they believe is a deliberate attempt by some enemies of the ijaw nation, to further forcefully take what belongs to the ijaw people.

This is a developing story, we will bring you full details of the resolution reached in the conference later.

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