IPDI Asks IYC President-Elect To Withdraw All Illegal Appointments, Says Such Appointments Contradict The Functions Of Duly Elected Officers In Council

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WARRI__________The Ijaw People’s Development initiative, IPDI, has advised Mr.Peter Timothy Igbifa, IYC President-elect to tread with caution and that the current infractions in council if not properly managed may caused further division Among Ijaw youths.

The National president of the group Prince Comrade Ozobo Austin said the IYC President-elect should be a unifying factor and shouldn’t be seen as an element of division among Ijaw youths.

IPDI urged IYC President-elect to withdraw all illegal appointments, insisting that such appointments contradict the functions of duly elected officers in council.

The group said such appointments do not had the constitutional backing of council as it were meant to sidelined and underrate other legally and duly elected officers in council.

They blamed the council’s Legal adviser, Obiri Ebilade Esq over his hasty media war and that issues should be channeled to appropriate quarters for redress and that coming to the media should be the last option, especially on issues that bothers Ijaw unity.

Ozobo said the early division in IYC newly elected exco which was yet to be inaugurated doesn’t speak well about Igbifa’s leadership and the Ijaw nation was disappointed.

IPDI further averred that the crisis between IYC President-elect and the legal adviser of council and the unlawful appointment of legal aide and other positions do not served the best interest of Ijaw youths.

The group advised that IYC President-elect should learn to address issues within his cabinet and others in such a way it would not caused infraction among Ijaw youths, stressing that he should channel more energy to fight common enemies of Niger Delta than infighting.

He advised IYC President-elect, Mr. Igbifa to withdraw every legal threat he had leveled against the legal adviser and others, and that such would cause more infractions in council.

“It is not a good omen as well that the IYC president-elect removed himself from all Ijaw whatsapp platforms because people criticized him of wrong doings. It is very uninformed decision made. The whatsapp platforms are faster mediums in which information is disseminated”

“However, deleting yourself from these platforms mean that you want to go to analogue age to get information which not too good. It is our advice that he should reach out to the admins of such platforms to be re-added”.

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