Ogulagha Protest: Chief Bobo Tackles SPDC, Advises Youth To Act Within The Ambit Of The Law

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WARRI_______The Oroupaowei of Gbaramatu Kingdom, high chief Wellington Bobo has expressed disappointment on the maltreatment of indigenous staff in Ogulagha kingdom by SPDC, insisted that the sacked SPDC community staff be reinstated.

Speaking with journalist in Warri on Thursday, chief Bobo warned that the protesting youths should act within the ambit of the law and that no property or facility belonging to SPDC be destroyed while the protest last.

Chief Bobo added ” l’m beginning to wonder that SPDC does not has value for host communities in Nigeria. These are people who suffers all pollution emanating from oil production. They take care of the safety of oil workers including expatriates. They deserved better treatments. SPDC must operates international standard with host Communities and not to act like our common oppressors in Niger Delta region”

“I want to reiterate that the sacked SPDC staff be reinstated. You don’t retrench staff unlawfully. Staff are members of Labour Union and NUPENG and they have their rights. It shows that SPDC is not operating standard in Nigeria. In Europe Shell operates with high standard. I expect such standard to be implemented here in Nigeria”

“The silent of Labour union and NUPENG over the plights of Ogulagha indigenous staff is appalling. It shows that Labour union and NUPENG are dead in Delta State.

I expect Labour union and NUPENG to speak out in defence of their members in Ogulagha kingdom”

“I want to appeal that Delta State government and its Oil and Gas commissioner Prince Emmanauel Amgbaduba should prevail on SPDC without further delay. It is bad that government in Nigeria does not respond to issues promptly. It awaits until things got bad before they come and begin to blame parties”

“The Ogulagha Community protest can be addressed promptly if not that political leaders, government agents and functionaries in Nigeria are incompetent and lack conflict management skills”

“It is my advice that SPDC should find a way to address the ongoing protest in Ogulagha Community before it escalates because many people are provoked already”.

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