GBARAMATU POLLUTION: Hon James Dekawei Calls For Government Intervene, Condemns Actions Of Military

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The supervising Counselor Environment, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Hon. James Dekawei. Has joined his voice with several others to condemn the actions of the Nigerian Military. As regards the burning of illegal refineries facilities in Gbaramatu kingdom waterways.

Hon. James Dekawei

The Counselor who spoke to Correspondent of Coastal Times early this morning. Expressed his displeasure over the act of the military. Condemning it in totality.

Hon. Dekawei pointed out the recent actions of the military which almost threw the entire kingdom into darkness, on Monday the 14th September 2020. He describes the act as unprofessional on the part of the military.

The Counselor condemned the act and cautioned the military, on a more suitable way of disposing the seized products and facilities of the illegal refiners in the kingdom.

In his statement:

“I Hon. James Dekawei, the supervising Counselor Environment, Warri South West local government area of Delta State, wish to use this Avenue to condemn the actions of the Nigerian Army. In the burning of seized facilities and products from illegal refineries in Gbaramatu Kingdom.

I want to state that, this frequent actions of the Nigerian military, which has consistently resulted in the pollution of both the atmosphere and waterways. Has brought upon the people of the kingdom untold hardship and hunger.

As the disposed crude oil from the illegal refineries in the waterways, has dealt greatly with aquatic lives. Thereby, destroying the only source of livelihood of the people of the kingdom.

It is therefore, my humble call that, this unprofessional act of the military is put to a stop. As it is doing more harm than good to the people of the kingdom.

In as much as I appreciate the fact that the military is doing everything possible to curtail criminal activities in the waterways, particularly in Gbaramatu kingdom. I am seriously against this unprofessional approach adopted by the military, in desposing the seized products and subsequent burning of the facilities within the kingdom.

I hereby once again, state that, this frequent act of the military, has brought unbearable hardship on the people of the kingdom, therefore should be stopped. As the only means of survival of majority of the people ( which is the waterways) is been contaminated.

So i am using this medium to call in the Delta State and Federal Government, to swing into action as soon as possible. In order to put an end to this untold hardship meted at the people of Gbaramatu, as a result of the military actions.

I am also urging the military, to as a matter of urgency, adopt a more suitable and professional means of desposing these seized facilities and products. So as not to further degrade the environment in the kingdom,that has been already polluted and degraded by oil exploration activities”.

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