The chairman of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Gbaramatu Structure, Comrade Peter Pudie. Has come out to condemn the actions of the Nigerian military, over the unreasonable burning of facilities seized from illegal refineries and bunkers in Gbaramatu kingdom.

The IYC chairman, Comrade Peter Pudie made this assertion in a phone interview with correspondent of Coastal Times. Where he narrated how the military, in the act of discharging their duties, has eventually cause unbearable hardship amongst indigenes in the kingdom.

Comrade Pudie states that, even as he condemns the act of illegal refineries and bunkery in the Kingdom. He will not fold his hands over the approach of the military in curtailing the situation.

He further hinted that, the act of the military burning the seized facilities from illegal refineries and bunkers within the premises of the communities in kingdom, is unacceptable. As this act has polluted the atmosphere in the kingdom, and has also contaminated the air and waterways in the kingdom.

Comrade Peter also highlighted that, this is not the first time the military is carrying out such unprofessional act. As the people of the kingdom has consistently called the attention of both the military and the Government over the situation. But all to no avail.

The IYC chairman on this note, called on the Delta State and Federal Government to call the military to order. By introducing a more suitable way of disposing the products ( crude oil ) seized from the illegal refineries and bunkers.

He Charged the military to adopt a better approach in disposing the facilities. As the after effect of the burning of the facilities within the kingdom, is rather, exposing the people to possible sickness and hardship.

This is coming as a result of the military burning facilities of illegal refineries seized from illegal bunkers in Gbaramatu kingdom today, the 14th of September 2020.

In his words:

“I want to use this medium to condemn in it’s entirety, the actions of the Nigerian Military. Regarding the burning of crude oil facilities from illegal refineries in Gbaramatu kingdom.

It has become expedient that i make this call. Due to the unimaginable hardship this consistent action of the Nigerian military has caused and leveled on the people of Gbaramatu.

It is indeed a very disturbing thing to see that, the military that is supposed to safeguard the waterways from piracy and contamination, is the same military indulging in the very act of polluting and contaminating the atmosphere and waterways.

The recent actions of the Nigerian military, particularly in Gbaramatu kingdom is indeed uncalled for, and most unprofessional. As it has rather, worsened the situation of the people of the kingdom. Thereby, destroying the only source of livelihood of the people, which is fishing.

Just today, the 14th September 2020. The Nigerian military carried out a massive destruction of illegal refineries in Banga village, in Opuode creek in Gbaramatu kingdom, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State.

In the process of carrying out this action, a huge smoke was generated and exposed into the atmosphere. Which almost caused a total blackout in the kingdom. This in turns, polluted the air, and as well contaminated the source of water in the kingdom.

It is a well known fact that, fishing is a major source of livelihood in Gbaramatu kingdom. As such, any attempt to contaminate the waterways in the kingdom, is tantamount to putting the people of the kingdom in perpetual hunger and starvation.

As communities without pipe-borne water, the only source of water is the locally made wells and streams in the communities. Which the people of the communities uses for drinking, cooking and other domestic uses.

But this action of the military has rendered the ‘wells’ and streams useless.

I therefore, use this medium to condemn the actions of the Nigerian military. Even as I call on Government intervention, in enlightening the military on a better and professional way of disposing these seized products from illegal refineries. As the act of burning these facilities in our waterway has worsened the living conditions in the kingdom.

“I as well, call on both the Delta State and the Federal Government to lay modalities for the possible remediation of the already contaminated sources of water in the affected communities. By providing pipe-borne water in every community in the kingdom.

“I urge the Delta State and Federal Government to lay adequate and urgent emphasis on this issue. So as to put an end to this mess that is frequently perpetuated by the military in Gbaramatu Kingdom”. In order no to further expose the people of the communities to the dangers of the contamination, as a result of the burning”.

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