The Chairman Board of Trustees, Hon George Ekpemupolo, expressly granted permission and plagded his total support for the EBF proposed “Project Street2School 2020”.

Earlier today the President, Founder and CEO of ERNEST BEBENIMIBO FOUNDATION in company of the Director General paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman Board of trustee to hint him of the proposed project and seek his express permission which was duly granted. The visit was part of a series of tour to Board Members and Supporters of the vision EBF to hint them of the proposed project and seek their support and endorsement.

“Street2School Project 2020” is an educational intervention initiative of ERNEST BEBENIMIBO FOUNDATION put together to help children return back to school and help parents mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic.

Recent statistics released by National Bureau of Statistics in May 2020 reveals that 40.1% of Nigerians are classified as poor, meaning 4 out of every 10 persons representing a total of 82.9 million people excluding Borno state (NBS Report May,2020). 95.9 million people live in extreme poverty, which is 48% of the population according to World Poverty Clock Report of 3rd March 2020. 63.1% of rural dwellersare living below poverty line while 35.5% of urban dwellers are poor. The amount of money that the richest man in Nigeria can earn from his wealth can lift 2 million people or more from poverty for one year. In 2016, five of Nigeria’s richest men have a combined wealth of $29.9 billion (N9.1 trillion at an exchange rate of N306/$) a value that is more than the country’s national budget of N7.1 trillion for 2017).

The irony of the Nigerian situation is that as the country gets richer a few benefits while the major share of the population suffers from poverty and deprivation. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and the 30th largest economy in the world whereas 16% of the global population in extreme poverty lives in Nigeria. Based on the rising level of inequality and poverty, much still needs to be done to lift the poor people from the bottom of the social pyramid to the middle-class strata. Bridging the inequality gap entails providing a means for the poor to access opportunities that will enable them to break free from the circle of intergenerational poverty.

According to a United Nations report, there are over 10 million out-of-school kids in Nigeria as at 2018. Although education from primary school to secondary School level is absolutely free in most states in Nigeria, yet it is common sight to still see kids roaming the streets during school hours.

This statistics was before the pandemic.The advent of the pandmic has made a bad matter worse as we now have a greater line of disparity and inequality in access to any form of learning. We have seen and heard of all formsof E-Learning platforms for learners in private schools and this has cut off a good proportion of learners in the riverine rural areas who may not have access to the facilities for such learning.

We have choosen to bridge the gap.

It is in response to this that we have decided to flag off operation “Street2School Project 2020”. Under this project, we intend to reach out primary/secondary school kids across rural riverine communities in Delta State. We shall be distributing school items such as

  1. School bags.

  2. Note books.

  3. Mathematical Set.

  4. Writing accessories

Proposed Kick off Date

October 22nd to 24th.

Watch this space for more updates. For inquiries and donations KINDLY reach via


Website: http/

Phone/WhatsApp: +2347036729292, +2347034997039, +2349046011754.

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