Burutu Council: IPDI Demands Explanation For Another N2.1Billion Misappropriated In Angele’s Administration, Threatens To Send Him To Jail If Funds Are Not Accounted For

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WARRI_____The Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI, has again accused Burutu LGA chairman Mr. Godknows Angele for another misappropriation of 2,159,937,833.52 naira FAAC allocation accrued to the LGA in 2018.

The group said Burutu people were interested to know how their money were spent, and that the projects in which the funds were spent on should be made public.

IPDI however, threatened to sent Mr.Godknows Angele, the Burutu LGA chairman to jail, if he failed to account for the misappropriated funds of the LGA.

The group added that despite such huge amount of money came to the LGA in 2018, Angele could not embarked on any people oriented project in any of the communities in the council area.

The BOT chairman of the group Mr.Cletus Itari, in a press statement of which a copy of it was sent to the press, added that Angele should without further delay account for all the monies he had received from the Federal allocation for the period of his three years in office if he should not be sent to jail.

The group urged Burutu people to rised from their slumber and demand for explanation into how their money was spent in the LGA as to stop successful chairmen in the council from misappropriating funds meant to develop the LGA.

The group insisted that Burutu LGA got # 2,159,937,833.52 naira allocations from the Federal government in 2018 and that the money was misappropriated as there was no commensurable development in the LGA.

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