Tension As General Alamene Threatens To Shutdown Agip Oil Company Operations In Ogboinbiri Community Over Neglect, Demands For Pipeline Surveillance Contract

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YENAGOA _____ A foremost Niger Delta freedom fighter and Self-styled General, Alamene Jackson, from Ogboinbiri Community, in Southern Ijaw Local Government area of Bayelsa state. Has threatened to shutdown Operations of the Agip Oil Company in Ogboinbiri community, over what he describes as a neglect of the community by the company.

General Alamene expressed his dissatisfaction and bitterness over the marginalization of the people of Ogboinbiri community by Agip oil Company, while speaking to a correspondent of Coastal Times, via a phone interview on Monday the 3rd, August, 2020. Stating that since Agip started it’s Operation in 1994, the people of Ogboinbiri has never benefited or receive any meaningful Community developmental project from the company. Despite the fact that the community has been law abiding, providing a friendly environment to allow it’s Operations.

He went further to state that, Agip is taking the peaceful nature of Ogboinbiri people for granted. And at same time, denied the people of the community of their benefit as a host Community, which ought not to been so.

He narrated how Agip has been operating in Ogboinbiri community for over decades, without any form of empowerment for the men, women, youths and Children of the community.

In his Words:

“Agip has no regards for our people, they don’t care about our well being as an oil bearing Community. Agip has even refused to pay Ogboinbiri community her ternerment rental Agreement money since her Operation.

It is not news that Ogboinbiri produce both crude and gas, which exploration is on since 1994 till date. But, today it is a pity that we still don’t have anything to show that we are oil producing community.
Our youths have been deprived of employment into Agip, our Chiefs denied of contracts and our Women not been able to work in the catering servicing sub-Company. Our Graduates and skilled workers have been totally denied their rightful employment, despite the fact that we have qualified individuals to be considered and fix into such departments in the company.

I want to Categorically make it bold and clear to Agip oil company that , I General Alamene Jackson will not seat down and Watch my people suffer in poverty anymore, because I’ve seen the pain of my people and fill same way.

I therefore, call on Agip oil company and the executive Governor of Bayelsa state, His Excellency, Sen. Douye Diri, to consider me with the Pipeline Security Surveillance Contract. To secure all oil facilities within Ogboinbiri community and it’s environs. Else, face a total shutdown of Agip Operations in the community, if Agip and the Government refuses to give me my demands”.

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