A Niger Delta Human Rights Activist, Comrade Eniye Fredrick. Has joined the league of several others, to celebrate the victory of one of Niger Delta’s greatest Freedom Fighter, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, also known as Tompolo. Over allegations of fraud, conspiracy, stealing and diversion of funds, leveled against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Comrade Eniye displayed his felicitation in a press release signed by him in warri. Of which a copy was sent to Coastal Times media.

Eniye Fredrick highlighted that, Tompolo is for sure, a destined man, whose course is to liberate the Ijaw people and the Niger Delta region from oppressors. And as such, described his victory and vindication in the court as mandated by God.

The Activist hinted in the press release that, Tompolo is a force to reckon with, when it comes to peace keeping and security in the Niger Delta region. Therefore is a man the Government need to partner, in order to enhance adequate peace and security in the region.

Comrade Eniye further noted that, the case raised against Tompolo was nothing but a clear case of envy and jealousy by his enemies.

He pointed out that, Tompolo is indeed a lover of his people, who has sacrificed a lot for the common interest and benefit of his people. As such, will and cannot indulge in an act that will defraud the same people he has sacrificed so much to protect and liberate.

Comrade Fredrick therefore, urged the Federal Government of Nigeria, to see reasons to partner Tompolo in fostering peace and security in the Niger Delta. In order to create an enabling environment for both the IOCs, national and local organisations to excel in the region.

The activist also, used the avenue to render his unreserved commendations to the Nigerian Judiciary, for showing a high level of transparency and fairness in the case raised against Tompolo, by the Anti craft agency, EFCC. Thereby, declaring Tompolo not guilty of all the charges leveled against him by the agency.

Comrade Eniye further asserted that, this show of fairness and display of justice, will foster more trust on the judiciary from Nigerians. As this honest and fair judgement is what every Nigerian needs to believe in the judiciary of the country. He said.

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