IYC CONVENTION: IPDI Calls For Publishing Of Delegates List, Resolve Of Clans With Delegate Problems Before The Convention On Friday, Saturday


WARRI_______The Ijaw people’s Development Initiative, IPDI, has called on the IYC electoral committee to published the list of delegates that would participate in the IYC election and ensured that kingdoms with delegate selection problems be resolved before July 10th and 11th convention to avoid a situation of delegate’s list being manipulated in the election.

The group president Comrade Ozobo Austin, however, expressed disappointment over the ELECO, chaired by Bekewei Ajuwa Esq inability to published the names of delegate up till now and that any attempt to manipulate the delegates’ list for preferred candidates would jeopardized the entire process.

The group said except the delegates’ list is published, the possibility of free and fair election was not in view. He further insisted that the method of the election, whether open or secret ballots should be made public and the comprehensive delegates’ list be given to all aspirants before Friday.

The right group stressed that except there was an ulterior motive, there was no point the ELECO should hide the delegates’ list from the public and that it would reject the delegates’ list if found to be doctored.

Ozobo added that it was wrong that up till now the modalities and guidelines of the election had not been made public. “There is need for the ELECO to build confidence among various aspirants but what is happening now is not a good sign”.

The group however wants the ELECO to spot out kingdoms with delegate selection problems and addressed such problems before the elections on Saturday. “We are aware of Kingdoms with delegate selection problems and up till now some of such disputes have not been resolved” they averred.


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