There Is Nothing Wrong With Gbaramatu Threat To Shutdown Oil Facilities Over Underdevelopment Of The Kingdom__IPDI


Our attention has been drawn to some persons opposed to the ongoing agitation in Gbaramatu Kingdom for swift development of the kingdom.

The threat to shutdown oil facilities in the Kingdom is not out of place. There is nothing criminal about it. It is a wake up call to the Federal government to step up the development of the kingdom and the Niger Delta region.

Those defending the illegalities of oil multi-national and the Federal government are enemies of Niger Delta region, and not speaking for Ijaw nation. There is no need to rebel against the Gbaramatu Kingdom agitation. The call for rapid development of the kingdom is in order.

It is annoying that Nigerian Maritime University, NMU, is under funded, Gbaramatu floating ship/dock yard has been relocated to Lagos, the EPZ projects are abandoned, Warri-Escravos roads are no where to be found and decay in other infrastructures in the Kingdom are enough reasons to protest.

It is expected that people from other underdeveloped Ijaw Kingdoms will seize this avenue to agitation for the development of their Kingdoms and not to attack indegines of Gbaramatu Kingdom agitating for more government attention.

It is pertinent to note that Gbaramatu Kingdom is part of Ijaw nation and that Ijaw nation can’t betray her people. Gbaramatu kingdom development is Ijaw nation development. We can’t run away from the agitation of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

The only annoying part of it, is that the struggle does not know her foot soldiers. The system is not fair and that sometimes it makes some people see the need to rebel against the system for survival.

But despite what, we must pursuit a united front. We must be the keepers of our brothers and sisters in Gbaramatu. We can’t abandoned them. We must key into the current agitation for the rapid development of Gbaramatu kingdom.

Though, we have not been briefed but we will join them for the peaceful protest if we are briefed about it. We will support them as we have done over the years.

We want to urge president Buhari to critically look into the demands of the Gbaramatu kingdom in a view of providing the demanded infrastructures in the kingdom and provide increase funding for NMU.

We also call on those who are opposed to the position canvassed by Gbaramatu kingdom to sheath sword and rally round the kingdom for more government presence in the kingdom and Niger Delta region.

Comrade Ozobo Austin
National President Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI.

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