Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous, malicious, defamatory, slanderious and unguided online publication dated June 21, 2020, made by one Timi Ogobiri, a supposed former acting Spokesman of IPDI, claiming that he was impersonated in our earlier press statement calling for a review of Ocean Marine Solution Limited surveillance contract currently being handled by Capt Hosa Okunbor.

This was falsehood and lies being peddled by the said Timi Ogobiri and it was viewed as an act of insubordination, abuse of office and gross misconduct, defamation, slander, deviant, mischievous, unprecedented and unethical ineptness.

However, this act of insubordination was extensively discussed in our monthly meeting on Thursday June, 25, 2020 which he refused to attend despite invitation was extend to him.

Our resolutions are as follows:

  1. That someone who could betray his or her fellow brother or sister because of peanuts and self-glory is no longer fit to speak for Ijaw nation under the umbrella of IPDI.

  2. That Timi Ogobiri was previously suspended over insubordination and fraudulent acts before he was called back after an intervention by notable persons but failed to amends his mischievous and betrayal acts.

  3. That IPDI has never fights any individual as portrayed by Timi Ogobiri in his mischievous online publication dated June 21st and that IPDI is known for fighting selfless fights on behalf of Ijaw nation and Niger Delta and has been envied for her doggedness.

  4. That there has been no time Timi Ogobiri was impersonated as purportedly claimed, being previously responsible for issuing statements on behalf of the group.

  5. It was observed that mischief makers who betrayed and manipulates OMS surveillance jobs with captain Hosa induced him to have betrayed the group.

    1. That our earlier call on June 7, for a review of Capt Hosa Okunbor Surveillance contract was not an individual position by neither our suspended acting spokesperson nor the group’s president but it is a collective decision of the entire group and the group has not any time withdrew it.
  6. That we reafirmed our earlier call for the review of the OMS surveillance contract and that our earlier position on OMS surveillance contract has not changed.

  7. That we are aware that some mischievous, selfish and greedy Ijaw purported chiefs and individuals, IPDI has stood to defend during their dark days are bent to disorganized the group for selfish interest.

  8. That it is sad and appalling that Timi Ogobiri and others who were brought to IPDI as bad products which were later made marketable products by IPDI are now joining mischief makers to betray the group.

  9. That Timi Ogobiri be expelled from IPDI for being a disgrace to the body and Ijaw nation.

  10. That the public should take notice that by this publication Timi Ogobiri ceased to be a member of the IPDI.

However, the above resolutions were collective deliberations of the general assembly of the IPDI, and that the public should disregard every unguided and malicious online publications made by our suspended supposed acting spokesperson. We are very sure he made such libellous, slanderous, defamatory and malicious statements under the influence of some financial inducements but they are lies being peddled.

This is a complete act of betrayal, an attempt to malign the hard earned image of IPDI and our president Comrade Ozobo Austin.

Though, we are not surprised by his actions being previously suspended due to similar characters and was later pardoned and called back before this recent mailmouthing.

Meanwhile, we don’t want to join issues with him as his actions are gear towards distracting and intented to make IPDI loss focus in advocating against injustice in Ijaw nation and Niger Delta at large. We are not perturbed neither distracted by his fraudulent activities.

Conclusively, the public should take notice that Timi Ogobiri stands expelled from IPDI. No body should have dealings with him in the name of IPDI or IPDI Spokesman. Those who may want to have dealings with him in the name of IPDI is doing that in his or her own risk for he is currently not our member anymore.


Cletus Itari
IPDI BOT chairman.

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