Imam Of Peace, Mohammad Tawhidi, Drags Buhari On Twitter, Calls Him ‘Hushpuppi Senior’


NIGERIA_____The globally renowned Islamic cleric, Mohammad Tawhidi, popularly known as ‘Imam of Peace’, has branded President Buhari as ‘Hushpuppi Senior’ in a tweet made on twitter.

According to the Imam, there is no difference between the embattled Instagram big boy, Ramon Abass, a.k.a Hushpuppi and President Buhari as both play the same role but reside in different countries.

He said this through a tweet he made on twitter where he shared photos of the duo with the caption;

“Hushpuppi Senior and Hushpuppi Junior”

According to social media users, the Imam’s tweet is related to bad governance under the Buhari led administration which has seen many businesses fall and lives lost.

If you recall, a few months ago the Imam alleged that the president has been enabling terrorism in order to remain in power, while also stating that the West African country will be more beautiful if it were not for Buhari.

Source: OgeneAfrica

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