We are no longer comfortable for the unnecessary delay in conducting IYC elections. We are not sure that covid-19 is the cause of the unnecessary delay and too many postponements.

We don’t think the purported interstate covid-19 lockdown is the cause of the endless postponements. Since May and June serious events have been taken place. It is our demand that the IYC elections be conducted on the new date and there should be no further postponements which is 10th and 11th July, 2020.

It may interest you to know that with the purported lockdown PDP with a large crowd conducted its congresses nation wide and inaugurated same with such a large gathering. Under the purported interstate lockdown APC conducted its direct guber primaries in Edo state which many of the participants travelled down from Abuja, Lagos and Port-harcourt to the state.

We don’t see any reason for the delay for the conduct of the IYC election. Despite interstate covid-19 lockdown people are still travelling around the country uninterrupted. Marriages, funerals and large political gatherings are going on. Churches are converging in their large number. So what is the excuse for the endless postponements of the IYC elections.

IYC election is a delegate election which is not more than 100 or 120 delegates. What is the anticipated crowd that it is being attributed to Covid-19, will it be more than the number of persons that gathered in Egbudu, Effurun, Udu and Ogbe-Ijoh markets in daily basis. Or will it be more than the number of buyers and traders who converged in Oba, Onitsha and Aba Markets in daily basis.

Let us be honest to ourselves, since the number anticipated in the IYC election is less than two hundred persons, covid-19 is never the problem of the unnecessary delays and postponements.

Our concern is that Ijaw nation has loss a voice and central leadership which is vested on INC and IYC. This was how INC started with endless postponements and ended up achieving nothing.

If IYC was to provide a central leadership for the Ijaw youths, then there is no need to create vacuum in IYC leadership. The Eleco led by Bekewei Ajuwa Esq, must be serious with the responsibility entrusted on them. The delay is now giving room for unnecessary litigations.

The situation is getting out of hand. The postponements are unnecessary. The Eleco should avoid every self-servicing activities. The delay and the endless postponements could be viewed from different angles as an act of incompetency as it is capable of jeopardizing the entire process.

It is our candid call that the IYC elections should be held now, and that endless postponements do not serve the best interest of Ijaw nation. There are lots of issues that IYC needs to address nation wide and that there is no point for the unnecessary postponements.

We want the ELECO to tell Ijaw nation what is the cause of the delay of IYC elections. The ELECO should not allow itself to be puppet and cowed by persons who do not mean well for the Ijaw nation. The IYC elections should not exceed the new date and failure of that the ELECO will have IPDI to contend with.

Signed Comrade Ozobo Austin National President,
Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI.

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