Pipeline Surveillance: IPDI Accuses Capt Hosa Okunbor Of Sponsoring Crisis In Oil Communities, Calls For Termination Of OMS Contract


Our attention has been drawn to a malicious, mischievous, frivolous and misguided publication accredited to some miscreants and uncivilized and isane persons parading under non-existed surveillance chairmen of Gbaramatu Ocean Marine Solution Limited ,OMS, attempting to mislead the gullible public for ulterior reasons over the ongoing genuine agitation by aggrieved youths of the affected oil communities for inclusion.

We want to state unequivocally that the self-styled and un-existed body is being sponsored by Captain Hosa Okunbor to distract and divert attention of the genuine agitators who are demanding for inclusion for the pipeline surveillance contract in their communities.

It is appalling that Hosa Okunbor, CEO/chairman OMS, instead of addressing core and leading issues raised by the aggrieved youth bodies of OMS operational communities, he is sponsoring cheap war against youths demanding for inclusion in OMS operations in Oil producing communities in the riverine area.

This is a ground why Hosa Okunbor contract must be terminated as no responsible contractor will sponsored attack on his host communities. The general public should disregard these sponsored lies peddled by mischievous persons.

We also read some frivolous online reports issued by some faceless and sponsored Don Dickson, Goodluck Joel and one Burutu Morzu,purported OMS beneficiaries. The faceless Don Dickson said aggrieved youths of OMS operational areas and Bullet Otuaro should be held responsible for any attack on oil facilities in OMS operational areas. This is treacherous, it is an act of betrayal. This threat was meant to silent the well-embraced demands of aggrieved youths. Bullet Otuaro and aggrieved youths haven’t said they will attack pipeline in their areas. Don Dickson may have intention to attack pipeline and framed it on aggrieved youths. We are not strange over how some surveillance beneficiaries connived with pipeline contractors to burst oil pipelines and slammed it on militant. This is another attempt of such. The self-acclaimed Don Dickson should be placed on security watch for anticipating possible attack on oil pipelines in the OMS operational areas.

It was also wrong for the said mischievous Don Dickson to accused Bullet Otuaro and other aggrieved youths of making case for Global west Surveillance Firm. The aggrieved youths only make some comparations on how they were well-treated by the former. They never said the contract should be reawarded to Global West surveillance. It is a pity that the self-acclaimed Don could talk from both sides of his mouth and condescend so low to be used against his brothers. He is a traitor and a middlesome interloper, after all his name was not mentioned by the aggrieved youths in their publications.

We wish to state that Okunbor sponsored group can’t distract the aggrieved youths from pursuing their genuine demands. He is only complicating issues for himself. It is a pity that Okunbor is sponsoring a cheap war to cover up his evil deeds as to continue with his exploitation in OMS oil communities.

The purported and non-existed OMS chairmen are traitors ,a clog in the wheel of progress and we are disappointed in them. The public should disregard their falsehoods and sponsored attacks against genuine youths being sidelined in OMS operations.

The purported sponsored group can’t speak for Ijaw youths in OMS surveillance communities. They were sponsored to disorganized their house for selfish interest.
They are betrayers for allowing themselves to be used to fight their house. Selling your house because of small money given to you may attract the law of Karma, let them be warned.

It is wrong for purported OMS beneficiaries to fight their aggrieved brothers. You are lucky to be considered through backdoors do not mean your brother should not be given opportunity. Those fighting against aggrieved youths agitating for inclusion in the surveillance contract are enemies of Ijaw nation as creating a space for the aggrieved youths will helped to reduce unemployment and crime in the state.

We however, call on President Muhammadu Buhari, the national assembly, NNPC director, Delta State governor, his excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa and other various security heads in the country to terminate the oil surveillance contract awarded to Hosa Okunbor for instigating uproar and crisis which may jeopardize the existing peace in Niger Delta region.


Mayor Timi Ogobiri
Spokesperson Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI.

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