Amnesty Office: NIDSUG President, Amb Dauebi Joey Ekardi Jr, Urges FG To Appoint Ex-Agitator With Track Record To Man The Presidential Amnesty Program, Recommends Chief Selky Torughedi_Coastal Times

The National President of the Niger Delta Students Union Government (NIDSUG), Ambassador Dauebi Joey Ekadi Jr. has urged the FG to appoint an ex agitator with proven track records to head the Presidential Amnesty Program if it’s to fulfill the requirements for it’s establishment.

“The Office of Coordinator for the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) is not like any other appointment, it is not to fulfill all righteousness. I think it’s necessary that we begin to remind the FG of what and how we arrived at the level of amnesty.

The inconsistencies with the PAP is traceable to the appointments of technocrats rather than struggle believers which are the Ex-Agitators themselves.

It is only in this part of the world where we experiment with everything. Take football for example, most of the world’s best coaches are ex-footballers, it’s the same with politics because those who have mostly grown from on level of political involvements to another often thrive at the highest level of Leadership politically and so it is in every sphere of life. This things are factual and we know it to be true so why should this be different?

We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results so those who were actively involved in the agitations should head the program and that is our argument.

We have Ex-Agitators with proven track records. Persons who have distinguished themselves overtime in excellence and Leaderhip. Persons who before now and mostly recently are in touch with the grassroots and they enjoy consistent solidarity, love and support from the targeted beneficiaries of the PAP and High Chief Selky Kile Torughedi ticks every box of competence and capacity required to do the job successfully.

High Chief Selky Kile Torughedi who is the Chairman of the Ex-Agitators Forum is a bonafide son of the Niger Delta region, a fine gentleman and an uncommon servant Leader with zero tolerance for ethnicity and political discrimination.

As Niger Delta Students we believe that High Chief Selky Kile Torughedi also posses the required technical skill set and wherewithal to perform credibly if given the opportunity to serve as Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Program”.

Ambassador Dauebi Joey Ekadi Jr.
National President, NIDSUG.

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