The Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative-IPDI, a foremost Rights group in the Niger Delta. Has come out to condemn the ungodly act of the Nigerian Army, in conjunction with the Nigerian Police over the invasion of Okomu Community, an Ijaw community in Edo State.

The group expressed their displeasure over the unprofessional act of the security agencies, in a press release signed by the group’s National President, Comrade Austin Ozobo. Of which a copy was sent to Coastal Times News.

Comrade Ozobo in the press release, pointed out the group’s displeasure, as to the ungodly actions taken by the Nigerian Army, in conjunction with the Nigerian Police, without exhibiting any form of professionalism in their approach.

Ozobo further stated that, the act carried out by the security agencies, is nothing but a display of share wickedness. At such, call on the Appropriate authorities to step into the issue, by carrying out thorough instigations, and then, prosecute the erring officers who perpetrated the evil act accordingly. As failure to do so, will trigger the petitioning of both the Army and the Police force by the group.

It reads:

“Our attention has been drawn to another unsavory invasion of Okomu Ijaw Community by Nigerian army and police which was orchestrated by Okomu oil Palm company on 23rd May, 2020, a supposed tenant of Okomu Ijaw people.

It is disheartening that military and police could burnt down Okomu ancient Community just because some unidentified persons steal some items from the area. If I may ask, what makes them to feel that those who stole the company’s items were Ijaw people, after all the forest is being accessed by both Benin, Itsekiri and Ijaws?. It is wrong to have invaded Ijaw community for a crime committed by yet to be identified persons. This is an injustice, a complete violation of the fundamental right of indigenes of Ijaw community. It is our demand that the chief of defense staff, chief of army staff and the inspector General of police should launch an urgent probe into what led to the burning down of Okomu community, arrest and prosecute security officers responsible for the dastard act.

We read with dismay over the military and police rascalities in Okomu community. It is sad that Nigerian military and police have been reduced to the whims and Caprices of ethnic and political begots of Benin. It is appalling that the military and police have thrown disciple and professionalism to the wind.

We have tolerated too much over the continues unlawful invasions of Ijaw communities in Edo state. We have contacted our lawyers and we have instructed them on what to do. We have been pushed to the wall. We are asking Okomu oil palm company to evacuate from Okomu forest. We do not need them. The Okomu forest belongs to the Okomu Ijaws. They have over stayed their welcome. So long they have decided to take our peaceful dispositions for granted, we will forcefully quit them from the area.

We are as well instructed our communities to take self defence. They should not be afraid, Ijaw nation is with them. We have instructed all Ijaw youth organs on what to do. We will not cede any part of Okomu land to the Benins. We will claim our land by any means possible. We have slept for too long, enough is enough.

It is our demand that the activities of the military and the police surrounding the invasion and burning down of Okomu community be urgently investigated
to avoid untoward action and in a view of bringing the erring military and police officers to book”.

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