Our attention has been drawn to an attempt orchestrated by Henry Binidodogha, aka Egbema-1 to overthrow the Agadagba of Egbema Kingdom. This is barbaric, unlawful and punishable. This is a desperation taken too far.
It is on record that there has not been creation of separate Kingdoms for the Egbema people in Delta and Edo states and if it should be it must be discussed and agreed generally in the kingdom.

We were told that he has been lobbying community leaders in the kingdom with financial inducement for an endorsement. We are disappointed. The supposed freedom fighter is now a tool in the hands of enemies. The supposed celebrated MEND fighter is now a betrayer. It is a big shock. He should be called to order or exiled. His actions are condemnable. It is a plot to disorganized Edo Ijaws by Oba of Benin if not checked. He has made himself an enemy of Ijaw because a friend of your enemy is an enemy as well. He should desist as the ancestors and gods of our land may descend their anger on him.

We wouldn’t have join issues with him if not that it has to do with the survival of Edo Ijaws. Edo Ijaws have been oppressed and intimidated over the years. It is a great surprise to have read that Egbema-1 is conniving with the Benins to be intimidating Edo Ijaws.
It is was said that a good name is better than riches. Attempt to impose himself or overthrown an existing king must be resisted. This must be condemned by every well-meaning stakeholder in Western Ijaw.

According to a communique rised by Egbema traditional Council, depicts that Henry Binidodogha has been parading that it is Oba of Benin that wants to make him a highness in Egbema Edo. It is glaring that the Oba of Benin wants to cause confusion in the kingdom and it must be resisted.
It is said that when a dog is about to destroy itself ,he no longer listen to his master’s call. Egbema Delta and Egbema Edo have been ruled by one King.There has not been creation of separate Kingdoms for the Ijaws of Delta and Edo states and if it should be, it must be consensusly deliberated and it is not right for Egbema -1 to attempt imposing himself on a kingdom where there is an existing king.Oba of Benin is not Ijaw friend. He can’t trick Edo Ijaws.

The mission of the Satan is to kill, steal and destroy. This is the mission of the Oba of Bini using Henry Binidodogha to accomplish it. It is a pity. All hands must be on desk to check this evil plot. We are not ignorant of the devices of the Oba of Benin. He wants to impose Henry Binidodogha to be highness under his control, then use him to steal Ijaw lands and kill our children at every slightest provocation. We must say no to it. We must resist it with all our strengths. We are not subjects of Benin Oba and do not need to be confered with a title under him. It has been our call that the Edo government should present staff of office to our already existing kings in the state, and that is an obligation that is not within the jurisdictions of Oba of Benin.

It is our appeal to Egbema-1 to exercise
some restrains. He shouldn’t throw caution into the wind. He shouldn’t be a clog in the wheel of progress in Egbema Kingdom. He should tow the path of decorum and stop every move to betray and cause division in Egbema kingdom.

Comrade Emma Keneware
Acting Secretary of Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI.

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