It is not true that Delta State is the second riches state in Nigeria.
We read with rude shock on the rating of Delta State as the second riches state in Nigeria by the Nigerian Bureau Of Statistics, NBS.

It may interest you to know that those supporting this blind report are looking for cheap attention from Delta State Government.
We are taken aback over Fred Latimore support for the unsubstantiated and baseless report. We equally condemn his verbal attack on Chief Sherriff for carpeting such misleading report. Latimore, a supposed lawyer is now a self-effacing press secretary to His Excellency Ifeanyi Okowa, holding unnecessary briefs on behalf of Delta State Government in support of NBS misleading report of Delta State being the second riches state in the federation. Mr. Latimore has gone miserable. He has loss sense of reason and created bad public impression about himself for diving into issues he doesn’t have knowledge about. His attack on Chief Sheriff Mulade is uncalled for. Comrade Sheriff was right for condemning such fake reports. He should stop looking for cheap public attention.

It is appalling that Latimore, the supposed lawyer has found a new trade of praise singing to make a living. His recent brief in support of rubbish NBS rating of Delta as second riches state is a clear testimony that he has gone miserable. Latimore has turned a disgrace to the noble legal profession. He should retrace his way and engage in other meaningful ventures to earn a living.

We wouldn’t have responded but the truth must be told. The NBS rating is politically motivated as it wasn’t based on any fact. NBS rating and Latimore positions were self-serving. Delta can’t be the second riches in IGR and Oil production in the country. In demographic rating Delta can’t be second riches. A state without industry can’t be the second riches. A state with no improved science and technology can’t be the second riches State. A state without functional businesses can’t be rated the second riches.

This shows that NBS statistical analysis was wrong. Delta State who couldn’t provide palliative for her citizens for just one day can’t be the second riches state in the federation. A state that only shared a cup of rice to few party members can’t be the second riches State. A state that more than 80% of her citizens are jobless can’t be the second riches in the country. A state where more than half of her population is motor park thugs can’t be the second riches state. A state where more than half of her population engage on Motorcycle operation to earn a living can’t be the riches State. A state tricycle operation becomes the mainstay can’t be the second riches. NBS should bury it face in shame. Latimore should not be taken serious.

We are not surprised over the NBS outburst. What do you expect from NBS whose trade mark is making false statistics to cover up the country’s mess. Except an isane, no sane person would have made such unsubstantiated, unguided and misleading report. You don’t need to be told that NBS goofed and its analysis is based on nothing.
Latimore should not be taken serious and NBS outburst tells how our institutions have been managed by empty heads.

We are calling on the general public to disregard such unguided and misleading statistical reports that are not based on any fact.

Comr. Comrade Ozobo Austin
Ijaw People’s Development Initiative ,IPDI

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